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Looking for a piglet to call your own? Well, little Piglet would love to be the newest addition to your family! Piglet was previously in a foster home and his foster parent reports that he can be a bit shy at first but once he warms up with some time, patience, and lots of love, he is all about his people and quite the socialite! Piglet is currently residing at our Old City Adoption Center and his favorite activities include romping around his cage, sleeping in his hidey hut, and nibbling on his hay and veggies. Thinking he could be the pig for you? Submit your adoption application and come meet him today!

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Bryce and Harper

Meet Bryce and Harper, MVPs (Most Valuable Piggies)! These cuties were found as strays on the streets of Philly and have since been living a comfortable life in foster care as they look for their forever home. These guys might be small in stature, but they have big personalities! They are shy at first, but give them some time and (most importantly) some food and they’ll greet you with the cutest little sniffs and squeals. They make the perfect partners to cuddle up with and watch some TV on a lazy day. Feed them some veggies during your cuddles and they’ll love you forever. They’re a never-ending source of entertainment as you hear them run around and squeal together throughout the day.

Follow their adventures on Instagram @philly.paws.foster

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Looking for your dream small pet? Well, look no further than Chico. He is currently thriving in foster care but would love a forever home of his own. He gives the sweetest happy squeaks when he hears/sees you and is very food motivated. He absolutely adores bananas, apples, tomatoes, lettuce, and bell peppers. Listening to him crunch away on his fruit and veg is the best ASMR! He also loves being swaddled in his foster parents t-shirt, sometimes he’ll even fall asleep on you! For an additional fee of $50 he will come with his very large cage and supplies as well. Chico can’t wait to meet his forever family.

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Hamlet is a sweet boy looking for a warm and veggie filled home! He loves veggies, hay, snuggles, and chats. He is very friendly and good with children (and all of the noise that comes with/from them!). Hamlet came from a large group of guinea pigs, so he is working on becoming more socialized with humans, but he warms up quickly. He has started running to the front of his cage squealing in excitement for his daily veggies and hay. And, he won’t hold back to let you know what he is thinking while getting snuggled. Hamlet is currently recovering from some wounds acquired during an altercation with another guinea pig, so he is not yet ready to be integrated with another guinea pig friend, but his foster mom is continuing to work on his socialization and make sure he gets all of the TLC he needs while he awaits his forever home!

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Sugar Plump

This sweet, plump little plum-sized guy is ready to find a forever home! Some of Sugar Plump’s favorite activities include: sleeping under his wheel, burrowing, and foraging around his cage. While Sugar Plump does like to spend time out of sight, he also enjoys taking periodic strolls around his cage and brief runs on his wheel. If all this sounds good to you, this itty bitty gentleman might be the right pet for you!

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Adoption Fee & Process

  • The small animal adoption fee is $25.
  • All small animals have been seen by PAWS’ veterinary team and are housed at our Old City Adoption Center (100 N. 2nd St, Phila, PA 19106).

Adoption Application

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