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Reign and Penny

Sweet and sassy sisters Penny and Reign are in search of their forever home. Older sister Penny (5 years) is the boss in this duo while Reign (1 year) is happy to let her lead. Penny is food motivated and is always first to greet you at the door in search of yummy snacks. She also enjoys a nice head scratch while eating. Reign is more reserved and needs to make sure the coast is clear before venturing out and enjoying her meal. Both piggies are a bit shy at first, but after some time to settle in, some routine and some patience while they build trust, they will be happily greeting you at their cage door.

Age:1 Year Old and 5 Years Old

How I came to PAWS: Owner Surrender

Animal ID#: 56006 and 56007

I am currently in foster care! Please email for more information!

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Mr. Chubbs

A distinguished gentleman, Mr. Chubbs is ready to find a loving abode! He is a tolerant and loving piggie who comes to the front of his cage for neck and chin rubs. Mr. Chubbs is curious, brave, and loves attention; he is very straightforward about when he does and does not want to be handled. He is looking for an experienced owner with the patience to help him adjust to loving touch.

His favorite veggies are spinach and lettuce, and he occasionally enjoys some strawberries. Mr. Chubbs is a bachelor and has lived solo in the past, but got constant attention from lots of humans. Because of this, we are unsure how he might fit in with other male piggies, but could likely acclimate with separation and time. While he may not be too chubby, Mr. Chubbs is absolutley full of joy!

Age:3 Years Old

How I came to PAWS: Owner Surrender

Animal ID#: 56072

I am currently in foster care! Please email for more information!

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Adoption Fee & Process

  • The adoption fee for one small animal is $25 plus tax! 
  • All small animals have been seen by PAWS’ veterinary team and are housed in foster care or at our Old City Adoption Center (100 N. 2nd St, Phila, PA 19106).

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