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Why not treat yourself to a temptingly adorable Gingersnap? Our suspiciously social piggie just arrived to PAWS after he was surrendered due to moving, where it appears he was the only little piggie in that home (so we don’t know if he would want a friend or not). While he isn’t a fan of being picked up, three-year-old Gingersnap loves attention and getting pet, so he is pretty social and is used to living around people!

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Harold and Dandy

We’re excited to present to you Harold and Dandy, an irresistibly adorable duo of baby piggy brothers who have to be seen to be believed! They were left in a box outside of the city shelter, so we suspect someone and their resident guinea pigs had some surprise babies at home that they didn’t have the ability to keep. They are really social and getting lots of attention (as they should), but would love to find a home all on their own where they can continue to grow and be spoiled!

Dandy (half white face) will need some additional monitor and attention throughout his life due to hip dysplasia. His gait should just be monitored, and his weight as well to limit the stress on his tiny joints. You would also need to find an experienced small animal vet that can help with any additional care, questions, and follow-up as he gets older.

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Sloane and Cleo

Meet Sloane and Cleo! These sweet ladies were clearly well-loved by their owner. This is their first rehoming and they are already warming up to their foster caretaker.

Sloane (darker brown, age 4) is the first to explore and is curious about her environment. She likes to come out of her hidey and see what’s going on and will stand up and beg (or wheek) for treats. She seems to be used to lap time and will purr for you when pet. She’s very gentle and is curled up next to Cleo when she’s not busy eating!

Cleo (light colored, age 3) takes Sloane’s lead when it comes to exploring but is a little slower to warm up. She loves being pet behind the ears and is starting to purr when stroked the right way. She has two speeds- manic and lazy! She’s either running zoomies and popcorning (she loves a clean cage!) or sprawled out napping in the hidey.
Both pigs have great appetites; so far the favorites have been romaine, bell peppers, cucumbers, and apples. Give them some cilantro if you want to re-create a film worthy lady and the tramp moment!

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Maeve and Strawberry

Have you ever seen such a pair of sisters?

Well, Maeve and Strawberry may not be actual sisters, but they have become buddies and are good for each other! Maeve was shut-down and silent when she first came in, but with the arrival of Strawberry has found her voice and now chirps and wheeks along with her! And like real sisters, they play, they chase each other (but never fight), and although they prefer separate houses, they sometimes cuddle up together in one of them.

Maeve is nearly a year old and close to full grown, but Strawberry is only about 6 months and still growing. Both enjoy cuddles and occasionally exploring a playpen with novel items. Strawberry is quite happy to hop on top of Maeve’s house, while Maeve looks on as if to say, “How did she do that?”

They would love to find a home together where they have times of quiet and a little adventure on the side. Maybe Strawberry will teach Maeve how to climb and jump!

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Donzie and Cowpig

Adorable duo Donzie and Cowpig will make lovely companions for a home abundant in fresh veggies. They love snacks of lettuce, parsley, and cilantro and they love company. Donzie is a little bolder than Cowpig and is quick to come out of his shell and explore his home. Cowpig is a little slower but give this fellow a few days and he’ll come out to say hi. They are open to respectful canine friends and slow introductions will benefit both sides.

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Bill and Ted

Meet Bill and Ted! These two guinea pigs are approximately one year old and ready to go on an excellent adventure! They want to know all about your favorite snacks and tell you about theirs (cucumbers). They might not be ready to go to San Dimas High School yet, but they are ready to go home with you!

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Adoption Fee & Process

  • The small animal adoption fee is $25.
  • All small animals have been seen by PAWS’ veterinary team and are housed at our Old City Adoption Center (100 N. 2nd St, Phila, PA 19106).

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