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I'm a lively and outgoing gal with a passion for squeaky toys and any kind of adventure!
Sheriff of Rottingham
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I'm a chatty and mellow senior who loves playing with wand toys and cuddling with my people!
Grays Ferry Clinic

I'm a goofy guy who is ready to leave the shelter and eager to make a new friend!
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I'm adorably klutzy and endearingly sassy!
Foster Care

I'm an affectionate lovebug looking for belly rubs!
Foster Care

I'm a low-maintenance, snuggly senior looking for a lap to warm!
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PAWS is the city's largest rescue partner.

We are working to make Philadelphia a place where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home. We do so through rescue, foster care, adoption, and preventing pet homelessness in the first place by offering low-cost spay/neuter and basic vet care.

Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinics

Keeping pets and families together through low-cost basic veterinary services. Our clinics in Grays Ferry and the Northeast serve tens of thousands of pets every year whose caretakers may not afford care elsewhere.

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Saving Edgar took a village – and a little Phillies magic!

After a harrowing night in danger, Edgar is SAFE — and you might say it’s a Phillies Miracle! Poor Edgar got loose from his carrier and ran onto the tracks at the 2nd Street station of SEPTA’s Market-Frankford line on the way home with his adopters the day before Halloween. With trains constantly passing and […]
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Taylor, Ed, and a family of Felvies

Just a few years ago, cats with feline leukemia (FeLV) were considered unadoptable due outdated assumptions about their quality of life. Now, one couple is on a mission to open their home to as many of these special cats as possible! Since adopting their first “felvie” in 2019, Taylor and Ed have saved seven feline […]
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36,375 animals saved to date

We take in rescues from the city shelter almost daily with a focus on the most vulnerable: adult dogs, kittens, and cats recovering from illnesses. Once safe at PAWS, they receive everything they need to become ready for adoption, then are matched with loving homes.

146,883 volunteer hours served

PAWS’ dedicated and caring volunteers are essential in every aspect of our lifesaving efforts.

321,648 clinic patients served

Our low-cost Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinics prevent pet homelessness and provide a needed resource in our community, enabling loving pet owners to care for and keep their dogs and cats as family.

126,357 spay/neuters performed

PAWS provides low-cost spay/neuter surgery for owned pets, rescues and community cats to prevent the birth of unwanted litters. Our efforts are working: since our clinics opened their doors, the number of homeless animals entering Philadelphia’s city shelter has declined year over year.

PAWS Partners

Our lifesaving work is possible with the meaningful support of business and community partners.

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PAWS' impact grows as our services expand & progress continues

By rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding loving adopters for homeless animals with nowhere else to go, and providing affordable vet care and other services so pets can stay in their homes where they are loved, PAWS provides a vital and growing safety net for Philadelphia's most vulnerable cats and dogs. The pandemic has prompted a shift toward more intensive, individualized care for more complex needs.
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PLEASE SHARE: PAWS cat Lemur is missing after escaping her adopter’s carrier on Sunday! She was last seen at the Front & Olney shopping center parking lot. Please keep an eye out and contact us at 267-972-2175 or with sightings or if you think you’ve found her.

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We’re stoked on Stokes, and you will be too! This sweet and spunky kitten is a non-stop purr machine who will brighten your life with antics and affection in equal measure. He has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia that affects his balance, but it just means he’s wobbly and doesn’t require any special medical care (although his home should have some “baby-proofing” around stairs to keep him from taking a tumble)!

Stokes will steal your heart and is just one of the cats who is waiting to meet you at PAWS’ Old City Adoption Center. Come visit our feline friends or apply to adopt today through our #linkinbio!

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Senior cutie alert! Myrtle is a sensitive and sweet granny who’s looking for a foster home where she’ll get lots of pampering and affection. She was found stray with some senior medical ailments that we’re working to diagnose and treat, and she’s also emaciated and could use some nourishment and TLC.

Myrtle seems to do well with large and small dogs thus far, and is also house trained. As an added bonus, she has the world’s cutest tail nubbin that bobs from side to side when she is excited! If you’d like to help this golden girl get well again, and have reliable transportation to our Grays Ferry location for check ups, please email for more info!

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756 12

Have you ever wanted your very own sugarplum fairy? Maybe one with floppy jowls, silly antics, and mixed feelings about holiday attire? Sweet Stuff is ready to bring you tons of cheer throughout the year!

This lovable pup is a full-time wiggle butt whose love for squeaky toys is matched only by her love for snuggling (seriously, she’s 100% convinced she’s a lap dog). A fast learner with tons of joy and enthusiasm to spare, Sweet Stuff will make a wonderful companion for anyone who’s looking for an adventure buddy by day and a cuddle queen by night.

Learn more about this affectionate 3 year old at our adoptions page (link in bio)!

#dogsofphilly #holidaycheer #adoptarescuedog #adoptlocalphl #phillypaws #phillypawsfoster

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Our @CioccaSubaruofPhiladelphia pet of the week is Delaney! This friendly senior is gentle with people of all ages and greets everyone with a soft, wagging tail. At 34 pounds, she’s the perfect city-sized pup, and she’s also housebroken and crate trained!

We’re featuring adoptable pets throughout December to celebrate PAWS’ partnership with our friends at Ciocca Philadelphia. If you purchase a car with them before January 3rd, you'll be able to designate a $300 donation to PAWS through their #ShareTheLove event!

#dogsofphilly #subarusharethelove #subaruphiladelphia #cioccasubaru #phillypaws

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Say hello to our newest Guinea pig, Pumpernickel! This cutie is as sweet as can be and is just one of the piggies who’d love to join your crew. Pumpernickel is waiting to meet you at our our City Adoption Center, but you can meet all of our tiny friends at our link in bio!

Ps. We’re also looking for guinea pig fosters!

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Some happy news for a gloomy morning: on a sunny November day, ABBA became the 5,000th dog rescued by PAWS! That’s 5,000 new beginnings, second chances, and happy endings that wouldn’t have been possible without you, our incredible supporters, volunteers, fosters, and adopters.

This affectionate young pup was brought to the city shelter after being found on her own as a stray, but she was rescued by PAWS and found her forever home the very next day, and now has a lifetime of love ahead of her. On behalf of ABBA and the thousands of pets we save and serve, thank you for making this milestone possible!

900 12

Pierogi needs your help! This affectionate little energizer bunny is reaching the end of her foster period next week, and will have to come back to the shelter if a foster or forever home can’t be found. As an outgoing lovebug who wants to spend all day with her humans, Pierogi finds the shelter especially difficult, and she’s really hoping her special someone is out there!

Pierogi will be a great fit for an active, dog-experienced household where she can spend lots of time with her people, especially if there’s another playful pup for her to zoom around with!

Visit our #linkinbio to learn more about Pierogi at our adoptions page, or to sign up as a foster (you can also help by sharing this post)!

#getyourrescueon #dogsofphilly #phillypaws #phillypawsfoster

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After a difficult beginning, this very special girl is ready to find a home!

Donatella was found outside with a neck wound and a very large ulcer on her mouth. In spite of her discomfort, she’s been incredibly sweet from day one! Whether we were changing her bandages or giving her medication, Donatella has been kind and patient with every person she meets throughout her treatment.

Donatella is finally healed, but will always have a distinctive look to her upper lip. As far as we’re concerned, that just makes her even more lovable! Now ready to find her forever home (or a foster) at our Old City location, Donatella can’t wait to start her next chapter with someone who loves her just the way she is.

An adoption bio is still in the works for this little queen, but you can apply to adopt or sign up to foster through our #linkinbio!

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Pumba here to remind you there’s just hours left to have your gift matched!

#GivingTuesday is almost over, but there’s still time to double your impact for pets who are waiting for their chance to be safe and loved. This little grandpa ended up at the city shelter when his heartbroken owner was unable to keep him, but he got his second chance at PAWS and is hoping you’ll give what you can for other pets who need our help!

You can give through our Instagram fundraiser, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

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Muffin Man is in biscuit overdrive with some exciting news: our $60,000 match is now $75,000! A donor was so inspired by the outpouring of generosity for animals who need us that they have pledged an additional $15,000 in matching funds, which means we need your help to reach our goal before midnight!

Your kindness will provide healing and hope for pets like Muffin Man who desperately need it. This affectionate senior spent 8 years as an outdoor cat, but was brought to the city shelter when his neighborhood caretaker saw that he was unwell. He needed medical evaluation beyond their resources and was at risk for euthanasia if a rescue couldn’t be found to take on his care.

Thanks to supporters like you, we were ready to rescue Muffin, evaluate his needs, and start him on a path to spend his golden years happy and healthy. Now recovering from dental surgery in foster care with a PAWS vet tech, Muffin Man will be safe and loved for the rest of his days!

Please give before midnight to double your impact for more pets who needs us! You can give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or at our #linkinbio!

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Will you be a hero to homeless pets like Eloise and Lorelei? She and her sister were alone, hungry, and cold when they were found without their mother in the freezing cold last week. At just ten days old, they needed round-the-clock bottle feeding to survive. Thanks to supporters like you, they found safe haven at PAWS, and are now in a loving foster home and growing stronger every day. We’ll give these little ones all the care they need for as long as it takes until they are ready for a forever family.

Today only, gifts are being matched up to $60,000, so your gift will be doubled to ensure we can be there for twice as many pets whose lives are on the line. You can give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

#getyourrescueon #phillypaws #phillypawsfoster

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Together, we will make Philadelphia a no-kill city.

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