URGENT: Our shelter is at maximum capacity

We have been completely full for weeks, and we urgently need your help to clear space for more at-risk rescues, especially cats. Whether by fostering or adopting, your support is more critical than ever. Remember, fostering or adopting one pet saves two lives: the one you bring home and the one we can rescue next!



Join our June Foster Challenge!

We need your help to achieve our goal of sending 150 pets into foster homes so we can rescue 150 more! Dozens of homeless pets of are hoping to find temporary foster homes right now, and we have a match for every household and experience level. We provide supplies and support; you provide love and care!


Adopt Shae

We’ve rescued a lot of pets over the years, and this sweet soul is one of the most gentle, affectionate cats to come through our doors. Four-year-old Shae may have some special needs, but what really sets her apart is her endless capacity for lap cuddles and love.

Meet Shae

Adopt Cody

This sweet senior couch potato dreams of spending his golden years snuggled up with you! At 10 and a half years old, Cody loves slow walks and the occasional trot, making the hustle and bustle of city life a bit too much for him. Cody’s perfect day involves playing outside, followed by some cozy couch time — are you the perfect match for this dapper gentleman?


Meet Cody

Meet your new best friend!

Foster Care

I'm a true social butterfly who loves to soak up affection and befriend people of all ages!
Choco Taco
Foster Care

I'm a sweet treat who just wants to relax, befriend everyone I meet, and be near my people where I'm happiest!
Lita Ford
Foster Care

I'm a sweet and sensitive 7 month old who enjoys dog friends and loves to play!
Foster Care

I'm a mellow and friendly house panther who is equally happy enjoying affection or doing my own thing!
Foster Care

I'm a sassy lovebug who is introverted with new friends, but a silly sweetheart once I get to know you!
Foster Care

I'm a gentle cuddlebug who loves napping on your chest and making biscuits to show you how happy I am!
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PAWS is the city's largest rescue partner.

We are working to make Philadelphia a place where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home. We do so through rescue, foster care, adoption, and preventing pet homelessness in the first place by offering low-cost spay/neuter and basic vet care.

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Make a one-time gift or commit to monthly support. Give in honor or memory of someone special.


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Raise support from family and friends for your birthday, in honor of your pet, or for any occasion.

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Donate needed supplies, provide for the animals in your planned giving, plan an event, and more.

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Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinics

Keeping pets and families together through low-cost basic veterinary services. Our clinics in Grays Ferry and the Northeast serve tens of thousands of pets every year whose caretakers may not afford care elsewhere.

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Sarah and Polly: a match made in the stars

Pets have a way of finding us exactly when we most need them. For adopter Sarah, a professional witch, medium, and tarot reader, her meeting with Polly was nothing short of magical! “I adopted Polly a little over nine years ago from PAWS and it felt truly cosmic that we found each other,” shares Sarah, […]
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It’s Kitten Week at PAWS!

As spring arrives, kitten season begins, bringing an influx of orphaned kittens and new mothers to the city’s shelters. PAWS’ nursery is quickly filling up with litters, and we’re seeking your assistance to support them — and many more who will follow — throughout the warmer months ahead! Help us welcome the little ones by […]
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39,947 animals saved to date

We rescue animals, primarily from the city shelter, almost daily with a focus on the most vulnerable: adult dogs, kittens, cats recovering from illnesses, and small animals. Once safe at PAWS, they receive everything they need to become ready for adoption, then are matched with loving homes.

178,607 volunteer hours served

PAWS’ dedicated and caring volunteers are essential in every aspect of our lifesaving efforts.

365,787 clinic patients served

Our low-cost Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinics prevent pet homelessness and provide a needed resource in our community, enabling loving pet owners to care for and keep their dogs and cats as family.

147,914 spay/neuters performed

PAWS provides low-cost spay/neuter surgery for owned pets, rescues and community cats to prevent the birth of unwanted litters. Our efforts are working: since our clinics opened their doors, the number of homeless animals entering Philadelphia’s city shelter has declined year over year.

PAWS Partners

Our lifesaving work is possible with the meaningful support of business and community partners.

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PAWS' impact grows as our services expand & progress continues

By rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding loving adopters for homeless animals with nowhere else to go, and providing affordable vet care and other services so pets can stay in their homes where they are loved, PAWS provides a vital and growing safety net for Philadelphia's most vulnerable cats and dogs. The pandemic has prompted a shift toward more intensive, individualized care for more complex needs.
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This chatty senior biddy needs a home ASAP! Lady Lanza is recovering from dental surgery, but that won’t stop her from sharing all of her opinions with you. She was found as a stray at 14 years old, and is far too sweet to be spending her golden years at a shelter. She’s dreaming of soft blankets, sunny naps, and gentle pets from someone who loves her❤️

Easy-going and affectionate, Lanza is a true lap cat who would be thrilled to spend her time lounging around with you. If you are looking for a sweet, quiet, and relaxed cat, she’s the girl for you!

Sweet Lady Lanza is looking for a foster or adopter through our Hospice Program. She had a small mass removed from her mouth that turned out to be cancerous, and while there’s a chance it may return down the line, there’s no evidence of that at the moment she’s doing well aside from some temporary discomfort!

If you’d like to transform a senior’s life, email foster@phillypaws.org to foster Lanza, or find her on our adoptions page to learn more about making her a part of your family (link in bio)!

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Everyone loves a kitten 😍 But did you know nursing babies who are rescued with their mothers have a harder time finding foster homes? Konya and Betty recently arrived at the shelter with their little ones in tow, and these sweet mamas are still hoping someone will come scoop them up!

The best kept secret of fostering a whole family is that mom does a lot of the work: with just the basics (food, litter, vet care, and love) the kittens will grow healthy, strong, and ready for loving homes. When Mom’s done nursing, she’ll go on to find a family of her own, too!

If you’d like to give a fresh start to one of these families now, or another who needs help as kitten season stretches on this summer, please sign up through our #linkinbio or email foster@phillypaws.org for more info!

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PAWS is deeply grateful to The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare for their recent grant in support of our lifesaving efforts. The Foundation shares in our passion and dedication to the care of homeless pets and to supporting pet owners. We are especially thankful for their support of PAWS` community clinic fund and our dental care efforts – two of our most essential lifesaving programs.

Dogs like Jackpot, pictured here, are just one recent example of how The Foundation`s generosity saves lives. At 7-years-old, Jackpot was found wandering on his own. He was brought to the city shelter where PAWS rescued him so he could begin his journey back to health. Our medical team diagnosed Jackpot with severe dental disease and provided him with the lifesaving surgery he so desperately needed. His surgery was a success, and Jackpot is now recovering in a loving foster home, awaiting adoption.

The Foundation`s mission is to protect, care for, and support vulnerable, at-risk animals and to address animal-related human conditions, connections, and bonds. Irving and Phyllis valued the human-animal relationship, and the Foundation provides grants and programs that foster and preserve these relationships.

PAWS is grateful for The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation’s generous lifesaving funding; their support is invaluable to our ability to carry out our mission and save lives. To learn more about The Foundation, please visit www.ipmillsteinfoundation.org.

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Together, we will make Philadelphia a no-kill city.

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