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PAWS was founded in 2005 as a small volunteer group with a dream to make Philadelphia a no-kill city where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home. We have made incredible strides thanks to caring supporters who get involved however they can, whether adopting, fostering, making contributions of time or funds, and so much more. Join our mission and start saving lives!

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Fruit Snack wants to know when you’re coming to take her home! This wiggly bundle of joy is getting lots of snuggles during her stay with us, but she’s still desperately hoping to find a foster or adopter so she can finally leave the shelter.

A puppy as sweet and affectionate as Fruit Snack would normally get scooped up right away, but her ideal home has been harder to find in a city environment. Being around other dogs is very stressful for her, so she’s looking for a situation where she can avoid canine encounters as much as possible when she’s outside.

Fruit Snack might still be learning to feel comfortable around other pups, but she’ll waste no time at all making herself right at home in your lap (and we don’t expect her to grow much bigger than her current 26 pounds, so she’s the perfect size)!

This wigglebutt is an affectionate bundle of joy who adores every person she meets, and she’s going to shine even brighter once she’s in a home where she feels safe and loved. If you think you’re home would be a good fit for a snuggly puppy who is still learning the role, we’d love to tell you all about Fruit Snack!

Email to learn more about fostering Fruit Snack, or check her out on our adoptions page if you’re looking for a new bff (link in bio)!

589 5

PAWS’ December Volunteer Spotlight is Kelly Martin! Kelly began as a dog care volunteer about two years ago and became an integral part of our team very quickly. So much so, that when she has to miss a shift, it feels very strange not to see her! Morning shifts are such a busy part of the day and we are so glad that she has chosen to spend part of hers with the pups.

"Every time I bring a dog into the yard or for a walk, it`s not hard to fall in love. Having a rescue pup myself who needs special care, it`s an incredible privilege to be able to spread love and compassion to more incredible dogs that need it."

Kelly not only helps out as a volunteer with the dogs, but she also helps transport cats to our Adoption Center and mentors new volunteers as they get started. Her enthusiasm for volunteering makes her a great mentor and we are so lucky to have her.

"I`ve volunteered at another shelter before my time at PAWS, and I`m always amazed by how much the PAWS staff loves and cares for each pup during their time in the shelter (and beyond). Knowing that I can play even the smallest role in an animal`s journey to their loving, forever home is priceless, and I`m so thankful I can do that at PAWS. "

We are so grateful to have Kelly as a PAWS volunteer and hope she stays with us for many years to come!

258 1

That face! Those feets! Fiona is 22 pounds of snuggly love, and she’s looking for a foster home ASAP. This sweet dumpling ended up at the shelter after her owner sadly passed away, so she’s definitely a bit scared and confused here at the shelter and would love to head into foster care for some normalcy!

Fiona is about 7 years old and is at risk of developing health problems if she doesn’t shed some pounds, so we’re really trying to focus on her weight loss journey to get her back to feeling healthy. She can’t get spayed until she loses at least 5 more lbs, so we’re seeing a lot of playtime and diet food in her future!

Fiona is incredibly snuggly, and loves to purr and make biscuits with her extra toes when she’s getting attention. If you’d like to help this lovebug feel safe and healthy again, email to learn more about Fiona!

2902 45

If you or someone you know is struggling to feed a family pet, PAWS is co-hosting a Pet Food Pantry with @phillynokill this Saturday at @phillyfdrpark!

Join us December 2 starting at 10am at the FDR Park Community Clubhouse at the 20th and Pattison entrance to the park. We will be set up near the first parking lot on the right. This pantry is first come first served, and will run until 12pm.

**We are still collecting food donations for our pantry! We are most in need of smaller (~12 lbs) bags of unopened dry cat food as well as kitty litter, and we’re always accepting unopened bags of dry dog food as well. Email to drop off food, or send some through our Amazon wishlist (link in bio)!

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Another day at the shelter for Coffee Cake, another day hoping her chance at a home will finally arrive! She’s keeping up her favorite hobbies while she’s with us — snuggles, naps, outdoor adventures, photo shoots (you know, the usual) — but what she really wants is a spot on the couch at your place.

While Coffee’s ideal home might be more specific than it is for some pups — she’d rather not be alone for long stretches and is a drama queen with other dogs — she really isn’t that difficult! She’s not going to eat your door frame if you go to the store, but she might find a shoe to chew on if she’s alone all day with free access to the closet. When she’s home with you, she’s a laid back princess who just wants to be your little spoon.

If you have a dog-free household in a quieter area where Coffee will usually have a companion at home, we’d love to tell you all about what makes this pup so special! Coffee I would love to find her forever family, but would also be thrilled to find a temporary foster so she can finally leave the shelter.

Email or for more info, or learn more at!

659 11

Words can barely express how moved and honored we are. Because of you, Giving Tuesday created extraordinary hope and possibility. It will enable PAWS to save lives, ease pain, protect bonds, and spark joy.

Thanks to your support, we exceeded our matching challenge goal! Our compassionate community came together to raise more than $208,000 in critical lifesaving funds that will provide healing, safety, and love for thousands of cats, dogs, and small animals — and the people who love them. You are part of something really special.

This infusion arrives at a crucial time, and we are already putting it to work. As your Giving Tuesday donations were coming in, we welcomed (pictured clockwise from top left):

🐶 China, whose owner became too ill to care for her, and who has health concerns of her own.

😺 Rookie, found by a Good Samaritan, wounded and in need of treatment for a skin infection.

🐶 Gucci, who was surrendered to the city shelter with dental disease, orthopedic issues, and multiple senior ailments.

🐱 Noom, a former stray with a severe upper respiratory infection and missing teeth.

On behalf of them and every animal we serve, thank you. By opening your heart, you have made it possible for us to offer each of them a new beginning. However long it may be, they are now on the road to recovery, and ultimately to love — again, like China and Gucci, or likely for the very first time, like Rookie and Noom.

We couldn’t be more grateful to you for your generosity, and for standing with us as we continue working to finally make Philadelphia a no-kill city. Together, we will celebrate the day when every savable pet has the care they deserve, and every pet owner has the support they need to keep their families whole.

With love and appreciation,
the entire PAWS team ❤️🐾

Ps. If you haven’t made a gift, there’s still time to make a difference! You can give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio.

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There’s still time to be a hero to little ones like Tink! This fragile kitten was scared, hungry, and suffering from untreated eye infections when she was found outside without her mother. Now, she is safe in a loving PAWS foster home, and growing stronger each day.

We’ll give Tink all the medical care she needs, for as long as it takes until she’s ready for a forever family, but more pets just like her are counting on us now!

Giving Tuesday is almost over, but there’s still have your gift matched when you donate before midnight. Please give today to provide twice as much care, safety, and kindness to the city’s most vulnerable pets!

Donate via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

520 6

Alfred wants to know if you’ve made your Giving Tuesday gift yet! Every year, thousands of animals just like him arrive at PAWS in urgent need of veterinary care — first to survive, and then to heal and live their best lives.

This friendly former stray came to us with a severe infection that had permanently destroyed his eye. PAWS’ medical team performed surgery to remove the damaged tissue, and Alfred is now safe and healing thanks to PAWS’ dedicated doctors and vet techs.

With your gift, we’ll be ready to say YES to the next pet who needs us, whether they’re sick, injured, or suffering from a chronic condition. Right now, a group of dedicated supporters is matching all donations up to $75,000, and we need your help to reach our goal before midnight!

Please give today, and deliver twice the care and hope to at-risk pets who are counting on all of us. Your generosity will change lives, relieve pain, and bring joy!

Give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

1781 28

For possibly the first time, Corn Pop has a warm bed, good food in his belly, and people showing him love. It’s a brand new life after he was found fending for himself outside, alone, malnourished, and severely dehydrated. We weren’t sure how this gentle pup ended up in such heartbreaking shape, but we knew he needed our help.

Thanks to supporters like you, PAWS could welcome Corn Pop and start him on a path toward health, safety, and love that he’ll enjoy for the rest of his days.

Our medical team immediately got to work assessing Corn Pop and developing his care plan. He got a soothing bath for his skin, began treatment for an upper respiratory infection, and was placed on a special feeding regimen to help him get the nourishment he desperately needed. Through it all, this special pup amazed us with his trust, gentle nature, and capacity for love.

As you may know, this year has brought daunting challenges — people are facing extreme hardship, increasing numbers of pets are entering shelters, and the progress we have worked so hard to lead is in danger of sliding backward.

Thousands of at-risk pets find second chances at PAWS — whether they’re seeking a loving home or help staying with their beloved family. Providing the support they need saves lives, protects precious bonds, and eases pain. This holiday season, what better gift could there be?

Because the need is so great and so urgent, a group of generous donors will match every Giving Tuesday donation we receive, up to $75,000. So your kindness will go twice as far for the animals and people who are depending on us.

Corn Pop went home with a kind foster parent who is helping him become strong and healthy, and shares that Corn Pop “loves to be loved.” Rather than spending his days worrying where he’ll find his next meal, he now enjoys his own collection of toys and beds, and knows he’ll have a lap to climb into whenever he’s feeling lonely.

For every pet and person who “loves to be loved,” please give today and create twice as many reasons to celebrate!

You can give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

1017 22

Oswald (literally) needs your support! This sweet kitten was at risk for euthanasia after arriving at the city shelter with a severe case of cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition prevents balance and motor coordination from developing, and Oswald could barely walk without falling down.

One of PAWS’ heroic veterinarians decided to foster him so he could get the special care he needed to start building his strength and improving his mobility. Oswald has a long road ahead of him, but is making slow but steady progress every day!

If you’d like to help Oswald and other fragile kittens grow healthy and strong, please consider making a gift during our Giving Tuesday matching challenge! Through midnight tomorrow, every dollar you give will be DOUBLED to save twice as many lives 🐈🐈

Give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

1316 27

If you agree that pets like Frog deserve safety and love, we’ve got great news: through midnight tomorrow, a group of generous donors is matching all donations to PAWS up to $75,000 for Giving Tuesday! That means your gift will deliver twice the warmth, comfort, and joy to the pets who most need it ❤️

This gentle senior is just one of the pets who is safe today thanks to animal lovers like you. He was found alone outside by a Good Samaritan and brought to the city shelter, where he developed kennel cough and urgently needed rescue. Because of your support, Frog found safe haven – and a bright, new future – at PAWS.

Frog received treatment for his respiratory infection and was matched with a caring foster parent to help him get well again. He stole countless hearts along the way with his kind and affectionate personality. Now enjoying the comforts of home while he searches for his forever family, this sweet boy can look forward to the rest of his golden years knowing he will be protected and loved.

As we continue to face daunting challenges, this lifesaving opportunity is unparalleled and urgent. Your generosity will sustain our work well into 2024 — enabling us to rescue vulnerable homeless animals with nowhere else to turn, and to help pet owners keep their companions at home where they are loved.

Please give today to save twice as many pets like Frog. Let’s make the most of this extraordinary gift!

You can give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

369 2

Kaz’s family was already going through a big transition, and the prospect of losing a cherished companion in addition to that was devastating. But that is what they faced when they needed to temporarily stay with family who couldn’t have pets in their home. They reached out to one of our rescue partners for help, and were connected with PAWS.

Through our Safety Net Program, we were able to provide Kaz with a loving foster home until his family could move into a new home of their own. They were happily reunited a few months later, and Kaz is now enjoying the holidays at home with his family — right where he belongs.

If you’d like to help keep a family whole, consider becoming a foster through PAWS’ Safety Net Program! Sign up today through our #linkinbio.

Can’t foster? Help us sustain this vital program by making an early #GivingTuesday gift! Thanks to a group of donors who is matching all donations, your kindness will go twice as far.

495 11

Shopping local for #SmallBusinessSaturday? Be sure to grab your 2024 PAWS Calendar at one of our calendar merchant partners around the city and suburbs! 100% of proceeds benefit PAWS’ lifesaving efforts, and every month features a new portrait of a rescued PAWS pet 🐾

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You can also order calendars and other PAWS swag at at!

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She’s small, she’s wiggly, and she wants to go home with YOU! Poor Fruit Snack is still at the shelter after several foster and adoption leads fell through, and she’s hoping her big break will come soon.

Fruit Snack’s ideal home has been harder to find in a city environment – being around other dogs is very stressful for her, so it’s important for her to find a home where she can avoid canine encounters when she’s outside. Even though Fruit Snack is still learning how to be comfortable around other pups, she’s an absolute lovebug with every human she meets, and will climb into your lap as soon as you invite her.

If you’d like to transform a shelter dog’s life and help this friendly 9 month old puppy learn the ropes, Fruit Snack would love to wiggle her way into your arms! Email to learn more about fostering or adopting Fruit Snack 🍎🍌🐾

998 12