Urgent Animals

Meet the PAWS animals who are most in need of homes! Whether they have special needs or simply have been waiting longer than others, they need your help to find loving families. They are also excellent candidates for foster care if they are still in the shelter.

Every animal we adopt out creates room in our no-kill shelters to save another, so each adoption truly saves a life.

Foster Care

I'm an independent lady who is a quick learner and loves a good cuddle!
Miss Cleo
Grays Ferry Clinic

I'm a sweet young dog who needs a loving home setting for my personality to shine.
Nick Furry
Old City Adoption Center

I'm a confident one-eyed guy (just like my namesake) who is always ready for fun and play time!
Foxy Roxy
Old City Adoption Center

I'm a cheerful and wiggly girl who loves games of fetch and snuggling with you!
Old City Adoption Center

I'm a wonderful, charming gal who enjoys a good chin scratch!
Old City Adoption Center

I'm a fun-loving boy who's the perfect mix of playful and low-key.
Old City Adoption Center

I'm a fun-loving, goofy guy who always says yes to playtime!
Northeast Adoption Center

I'm a social butterfly who adores being spoiled with pets!
Foster Care

I'm a shy and loving gentleman who adores a good cuddle!
Foster Care

I'm a fun and sassy lady with a big personality to make you smile!
Foster Care

I'm an adorable lioness who is looking forward to a calm home to live out my golden years!
Foster Care

I'm a loving and affectionate gentleman who gets along great with dogs and cats!
Old City Adoption Center

I'm a charming older lady who warms up quickly and loves toys and cuddles!
Panda Cat
Foster Care

I'm a sweet-natured kitty whose favorite things are being brushed, belly rubs, and people!
Northeast Adoption Center

I'm a gentle and cuddly lap cat who would love to enjoy a quiet evening with you!
Cali Flowers
Foster Care

I'm a kind and gentle girl whose ideal afternoon would be spent curled up on the couch with you!