Urgent Animals

Meet the PAWS animals who are most in need of homes! Whether they have special needs or just keep getting overlooked, they need extra help finding loving families. They are also excellent candidates for foster care if they are still in the shelter.

Can’t adopt? Pick a dog or cat from the list and share their information with friends. You never know when or how a great match will be made!

Every animal we adopt out creates room at our no-kill shelter to save another, so each adoption truly saves a life. Visit www.phillypaws.org/adopt or contact adoptions@phillypaws.org for more information on adopting.







I’m an energetic and playful girl who will always seek you out to be petted and cuddled.

Location: Foster care



I’m a sweet and gentle lady who wants to be wherever you are!

Location: Foster Care



I’m an incredibly affectionate 2-4 year old who loves to snuggle and will follow you everywhere for attention!

Location: Foster Care



I’m an incredibly sweet senior guy who loves people and has the best snaggle tooth around!

Location: Foster Care


Patty Boomalatty

I’m a a sassy and chunky 4-6 year old lady who will always make you laugh!

Location: Northeast Adoption Center



I’m a chatty and affectionate 2-4 year old who loves people an other cats!

Location: Old City Adoption Center



I’m a super playful girl who loves other dogs and would love to go on lots of adventures with you!

Location: Foster Care



I’m a sweet 2-4 year old lady who will gently nuzzle your hand for ear scratches to let you know I trust you!

Location: Old City Adoption Center



I’m a silly and playful 1-2 year old who will always make you smile!

Location: Foster Care


Karma and Ying

We’re a lovely pair of bonded ladies who love each other as much as we loves people!

Location: Old City Adoption Center



I’m a smiley senior guy who loves belly rubs and gets along great with people of all ages and other small dogs!

Location: Foster Care


For the full list of available PAWS animals, click here.