BeauIn January 2009, Fred got loose from his house, was hit by a car, and ended up with a broken leg. He was found by a passerby, who brought him to Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (VSEC). VSEC’s staff was able to contact the owner, who had adopted him from the city shelter, but she told them she didn’t want him anymore because, she claimed, “he got out all the time.” She suggested that they simply euthanize him.



Fred had already charmed VSEC’s entire staff, so they were not willing to leave it at that. Luckily, via his microchip, they traced him back to the shelter and contacted PAWS directly. It turned out that he required surgery that would have cost several thousand dollars, which we were not able to afford. We asked if they would hold on to him for a day or two and keep him comfortable while we figured out what to do, and they agreed. In order to save his life, we began exploring the possibility of amputating his leg (which is often the choice when the animal is otherwise healthy and likely to recover well — a far better option than euthanasia, to be sure).


We were just about to make arrangements for Fred’s amputation when VSEC called us back. They had become so attached to him that they decided to perform the surgery – for free.


Fred had surgery the next day and was immediately placed in foster care, where he recuperated very quickly. Once his leg was good as new, he found a wonderful adoptive home with an Air Force Captain and his wife. They renamed him Beau, love him dearly, and are spoiling him rotten with vacations, naps on the couch, and other luxuries every dog should be so lucky to have. They say: “Although he’s probably spoiled, he’s our baby and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him!”