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Sheila makes her family complete

This sweet and trusting girl was found fending for herself in Frankford with a broken jaw that had never healed properly. After months of care and treatment, Sheila was happy and comfortable — and found love with the foster parents who helped nurse her back to health!

“We couldn’t be more in love with Sheila,” write adopters Allison and Ben. “Since the beginning, she has brought more life and joy into our house than we ever imagined. She made our little apartment — and, ultimately, our house — feel like real homes. And, since I work from home, Sheila quickly became my favorite (and only!) office mate.

Sheila’s been with us through several milestones — an engagement, a new house, a wedding, and now (oof!) a pandemic. This winter, Sheila hit a milestone of her own — graduating from an 8+ week training session with Philly Unleashed. (We like to think she was the valedictorian, but we are unapologetically biased).

It’s worth noting that Sheila quickly became a fan favorite among our friends, family, and neighbors. (Our cousins even started an Instagram page for her — @she.iladelphia)! We’ve also attached some “before” pictures from when we first brought Sheila home and some “after” pictures from our engagement/wedding shoots. We hope they make you as happy as they make us!

Thank you to you and your whole team for helping to connect us with this ball of love. We are forever indebted <3″