Pet Bios

1. A positive, introductory statement about the animal to draw people in, even if it’s a generic one. Think of it as their “headline.”
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“If you’re looking for an affectionate kitty to shower you with love, Luna is the perfect companion for you!”
“This social boy is fabulous!”
“Bentley would love to party with you!”
“Shy Lily would love to open up to you!”
“an outgoing girl who gets along with every person she meets”
“energetic dog ready to be your buddy!”
“An affectionate lady looking for love”
“a beautiful brunette ready to be your companion”
“a spunky boy with lots of love to give”
“a lovable boy who will make a great pet.”
“Please come and meet her: we know you’ll fall in love.”
“wants what every dog wants: a safe and comfortable home where he can be loved.”
“appreciates the finer things in life, like a comfy bed and a delicious meal.”
“a wonderful family dog who’s just missing a family!”
“a playful lady who is always up for a good time”
“a fun-loving guy”
“He loves you already… and he hasn’t even met you yet!”
“will always make you laugh”
“whenever you’re having a bad day, he will put a smile on your face”
“a happy-go-lucky dog who needs a home to call his very own.”

2. How the animal came to PAWS (stray, owner surrender, etc).
We don’t speculate or go into great detail about an animal’s life before being rescued. We believe a pet’s past and the difficulties they may have experienced don’t define their future. Negative details fuel the misconception that all shelter animals are broken or have a dark past, and feeling sorry for an animal won’t get them adopted- a positive connection will!

  • If the pet was surrendered, we share that info without saying or implying anything negative about the surrendering owner. When in doubt: “their owner was no longer able to care for them”
  • Part of PAWS’ mission is to support and assist struggling pet owners, so that means that we take a nonjudgmental approach.
  • Most PAWS animals came from ACCT, the city’s open-intake animal control shelter, where their lives are in danger when too many animals come in and space runs out. ACCT is PAWS’ primary rescue partner and they work very hard to save as many animals as they can, so we do not say or imply negative things about them. We focus on the positive; for example, we do not say the animal came from a “kill shelter,” but we do say that PAWS saved its life.
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