PAWS’ Ringworm Ward Empty for the first time since opening

When Kaldr started her new life with Wendy and Ryan, she marked an exciting milestone: for the first time since it opened in 2018, PAWS’ ringworm ward was completely empty! Although ringworm is a simple fungal infection of the skin, its lengthy treatment time, combined with how easily it can spread to humans and other pets, means that animals who test positive can spend weeks at the shelter without anyone coming forward to take them home. Luckily, fosters and adopters have been stepping up like never before since the crisis started, and have been taking on tougher cases that might have previously gone without interest.

Left: Maddie poses with new foster Bill. Right: Carl and Freud leaving with foster mom Jody.

Instead of of being stuck at the shelter, these otherwise healthy cats will now finish their treatment in loving homes while getting the follow up care they need at PAWS. We haven’t seen the last of this pesky fungal infection: we expect to rescue many more ringworm-positive cats as the weather gets warmer, and we’ll be ready when they need us. For now, we’ll celebrate this win — and send our biggest thanks to all the animal lovers who made it possible!