New Ringworm Ward Expands PAWS’ Lifesaving Capacity

We are thrilled to announce that we can now save more cats’ lives than ever before! Thanks to a grant from PetSmart Charities, we’ve recently opened a completely separate isolation ward to house and care for cats and kittens who are infected with ringworm.

Although ringworm is a simple fungal infection of the skin, its lengthy treatment time, combined with how easily it can spread to humans and other pets, means that animals who test positive are at the highest risk for euthanasia when the city shelter becomes full. This expanded space will allow us to rescue more sick animals than ever before, and will be especially critical during the summer months when diseases spread more quickly and the city shelter is at-capacity.

Kittens are especially susceptible to ringworm, but this litter is safe at PAWS and receiving the treatment they need.

Not only does our space allow us to rescue and care for more sick cats and kittens than ever before, but it also opens up our old ringworm rooms for other critically ill animals like Professor Oak the puppy, below: after he arrived at the city shelter suffering from parvovirus, PAWS was able to rescue him knowing that we had an open room to house him during his treatment. Oak made a full recovery, then found a forever home with one of the vet techs who was caring for him! We look forward to many more happy endings like his in the days and months ahead.

Professor Oak during and after his parvo treatment.

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