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Freddie gets a leg up

This little one had been living on a porch with his mother and siblings before they were brought to the city shelter and rescued PAWS. Soon after they arrived, it became clear something wasn’t quite right with Freddie. His front legs were bowing in, putting all of his weight on the sides of his paws when he tried to walk and severely limiting his mobility.

PAWS’ medical team determined that one of the tendons in Freddie’s front legs was too short, pulling his legs into their unnatural position and making it difficult to walk and stand correctly. Luckily, we’d caught the issue early enough In Freddie’s development that it could be corrected with some time and TLC.

Using popsicle sticks as a frame, Freddie’s legs were splinted to provide support and gentle correction when he walked. Our very own Dr. Leslee took little Freddie home to continue his care, monitor his progress, and ensure he received the daily physical therapy stretches he needed to recover.

In less than two weeks, Freddie’s splints were off, his front legs had completely straightened out, he was completely unstoppable! “You’d never know he was any different,” says Dr. Leslee, “he runs, he jumps, he climbs, he wrestles — I actually had to bring home a couple new foster kittens for him to play with because he was so spirited!”

We can only imagine how vulnerable Freddie would have been if his condition had gone untreated during his life as a stray — but thanks to supporters like you, he’ll never have to find out.