Volunteer Spotlight: Allison Tipton

Allison became a volunteer in December of 2011 at our Old City Adoption Center, where she fell in love and adopted her cat Fat Man! “I first got involved with PAWS when coming to college because I missed my family pets and wanted to make a difference. Over time, however, my work at PAWS became so much more than simply getting my weekly “cat fix.” Through PAWS, I felt empowered to truly make a difference in the lives of the homeless cats and dogs of Philly, and to help potential adopters find a companion (or two!).”

She did more than care for shelter cats: she also helped match pets with new families, represented PAWS at adoption events, and assisted behind the scenes with administrative work. “I appreciated the sense of community and camaraderie present amongst the shelter staff, as well as so many in the amazing network of volunteers that regularly gave their time.”

Allison recently moved to Boston to start a new adventure. She was a wonderful part of our volunteer program for many years will be deeply missed by PAWS’ staff and animals!