Frequently Asked Questions


Help make the transition from shelter dog to family dog! Foster homes are essential to de-stress from shelter life, provide training and a steady routine, and share the comforts of home. Dogs of all varieties need foster care, especially small dogs recovering from illness or injury, and larger young adult dogs needing training and an outlet for their playful energy. We can provide plenty of informational resources for things like teaching basic commands, leash training, crate training, and more.

By taking in a dog in need, you will help set them up for success and give them a smoother transition into their future adoptive home. We can match you with a foster dog that’s a good fit for your skill level and household.

As a foster, you will be responsible for providing any housebreaking help the dog needs. Even if a dog has lived in a home previously, they’ll need time to adjust to your home and schedule, and can be expected to have accidents along the way. Some just need a refresher course, and others need to be housetrained completely from scratch. On average, it usually takes no longer than two weeks to housebreak a dog. With a little patience and persistence, it’s easy! We can help by providing training resources and guides, as well supplies like puppy pads and a crate (as available).

After losing their prior home, fending for themselves on the street, or enduring a lengthy stay in the shelter, dogs may find it stressful to adjust to a new setting. Especially in the first 1-2 weeks home, they may bark, chew, or show anxious behaviors when left alone. You will be counted upon to manage these temporary issues should they arise, and PAWS will provide training guides to help you. Once you teach your foster the rules and routines of your home, they’ll learn they are finally safe, and their true personality will shine.