Dogs In Need of Foster Care

Thank you so much for fostering and saving a life!

Our dogs in need of foster care are listed below. If you are new to fostering with PAWS, please apply here to get started.

For foster meets with dogs at our shelter (2900 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19146), the expectation is that you will meet the dog and take them home the same day, so please come prepared!

  • All members of your household and resident dogs should be present for the foster meet. If for any reason this is not doable, please email the foster team to talk it through.
  • We will provide you with a sample of what the dog has been eating in the shelter, but fosters will provide dog food long-term. We can lend out any other supplies you may need including a leash, martingale collar, harness, crate, pee pads, and toys/enrichment items.

Please email if you have any questions, or see anyone that you think could be a good fit and are interested in scheduling a meet and pick up with!

For a refresher on PAWS’s foster policies and procedures, view our online orientation.

Every time an animal leaves for foster care, it opens a space in our shelters to save another in need. You are truly changing lives: not just for these dog, but also for others whose lives depend on a spot at PAWS. Read on to find your next foster dog!

If you are not able to foster at this time, many of our healthy in-kennel dogs are eligible (and very grateful) for day trips or short-term foster placements as a shelter break. If you are interested, please email us to chat more about what that may look like!

(updated May 18th, 2024)


Dogs Currently at the Shelter

These dogs are currently in our kennels at the PAWS Grays Ferry location (2900 Grays Ferry Avenue).

We are a small facility with only about 6-7 kennel spaces available at one time, so we really rely on foster parents to help us open up kennels so that we can save more dogs!

**Seeking a Long-Term Foster Transfer by Monday 5/20**

Name: Bella Ella
Intake Date:
~5.5 years old
76.6 lbs
Dog Friendly?:
Yes, would require a dog meet on-site, and the ability to do slow introductions at home
Cat Friendly?:

  • In need of your very own house hippo? Meet one of our newest (and most wiggly) arrivals from the city shelter Bella Ella—and watch her strut her stuff here!
  • Bella was unfortunately recently diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, after also getting over being sick previously, in addition to already struggling to get around the shelter and in and out of her kennel with her osteoarthritis. So, she would really love to head into a long-term foster home more than anything! We are really looking forward to the opportunity to be able to provide her a much needed (and well-deserved!) healing/recovery space, where we can also learn more about her from a foster’s perspective. She is destined to show off that waggy tail and smiliest smile beyond our walls, and from the comfort of a home!
  • Bella Ella was surrendered to the city shelter after her owner died, and also reportedly did well previously in a foster home living with another dog for over a month. Unfortunately we don’t have too much other information about either of those experiences, but they described her as a “sweet and good house guest” and mentioned that she is housebroken too. We are excited to get more intel soon, but she’d love to show you herself just how sweet she can be!
  • Please email us at if you’re able to foster this dog-hippo-baby seal all-in-one!

Dogs in Need of Foster Sitter

These dogs are currently in foster homes, and looking for a short term foster sitter to help keep them out of the shelter. 

** Foster Sitter Needed for Sunday May 26th through Tuesday June 11th**

Name: Lisa
Intake Date: 1/14/24
Age: ~11 years old
Weight: 12 lbs
Dog Friendly?: No, seeking a dog-free home
Cat Friendly?: No, seeking a cat-free home

  • Little Lisa is looking for a foster sitter from Sunday May 26th through June 11th! For her stay, Lisa is looking for a pet-free home to avoid any additional stress during her short visit, but will be sure to bring all of the spunky and cuddles that you could ever ask for. If you interested in helping out an adorable grandma while her foster is out of town, please email us at to chat more!

Upcoming Scheduled Intakes

Due to our limited kennel capacity, we cannot intake every surrender request. The dogs listed below may either be an upcoming owner surrender appointment, or a dog at ACCT Philly we are hoping to rescue. Lining up a potential foster home prior to their arrival can help them avoid staying at the shelter altogether! 

Name: Buttercup *Safety Net Participant – Reclaim ~July 1st*
Intake Date:
~3 years old 
Weight: ~
50 lbs
Dog Friendly?:
Yes, would require a dog meet on-site, and the ability to do slow introductions at home
Cat Friendly?:
No, seeking a cat-free home

  • “A wonderful dog” named Buttercup needs a Safety Net foster home through July, and unfortunately still hasn’t gotten too much foster interest. Are you able to help out a lovebug in need?
  • Her tentative reclaim date to be reunited with her family is ~July 1st, and we’d love to find a cozy spot for her to crash in until then. You can read more about PAWS’ Safety Net Program here to learn about helping pups like Buttercup that are in need, and please email us at if you are interested and available!
  • She is looking for a foster home that is cat-free, but is bonded with another dog (pictured here), and reportedly a fan of other spending time with other pups of all sizes too. For humans, Buttercup does well with people of all ages and stages, and is very gentle-natured with (and can often be found curled up near) babies. According to her owner, she is a huge cuddlebug, and wants nothing more than to play and be by your side. Her other favorite activities are; sun bathing, going on long walks, chewing bones, and licking your feet whenever she has the chance. Buttercup does well at home when left on her own, and is housebroken. She is described as having spurts of energy, but being generally calm, and already knows “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “come,” and “shake/give paw”.
  • She needs you (she needs you), more than anyone, darling… you know that she has from the start… so build her up (build her up), Buttercup don’t break her heart… Foster Buttercup!
Name: Jackpot
Intake Date:
Monday 5/20 or Tuesday 5/21
Unknown, possibly over 4-6 years old. 
Unknown at this time
Dog Friendly?:
Cat Friendly?:

  • Jackpot will want to hit the jackpot when he gets to PAWS by going home with one of our loving foster parents!
  • Jackpot was found as a stray dog.
  • Jackpot will most likely need a dental in his future. Jackpot is neutered already.
  • Jackpot will also most likely need to have some skin management addressed by his foster home as prescribed by our medical team.
  • We’ll post/update more as we learn more about him!
  • If you are interested in possibly fostering Jackpot, please email!

Dogs in Need of a Foster Transfer

These dogs are currently in foster homes, and looking for a new foster home to help keep them out of the shelter. 

**Foster Transfer(s) Needed by next Saturday May 25th**

Names: TBD
Surgery Date:
~7-10 months old
35 lbs (each), and growing
Dog Friendly?:
Yes, would require the ability to separate from any resident pets and do slow introductions at home
Cat Friendly?:
Unknown, would require the ability to separate from any resident pets and do slow introductions at home

  • Puppies are coming! And are still in need of a foster home or two to be transferred to next weekend! Can you help?
  • These sweet and petite(ish) ladies are scheduled to be spayed at our Grays Ferry Clinic this Saturday 5/18, and head into a short-term foster home for one week to recover.
  • We are still currently seeking either one or two long-term foster homes for both puppies if they are a fit for our program. The puppies seem fairly calm for their age, and were very handleable for their first round of vaccines—their second round will be done during their surgery this weekend.
  • They have each spent a lot of time with other dogs of various ages, but since they will be getting picked up directly from the clinic after surgery, any foster home must have the space and ability to separate them from any resident pets (including cats) for slow introductions. They’ve also reportedly spent time with children and have done well, so they sound like they could be a good fit for most homes looking to add some puppy energy! It doesn’t seem like they’ve had too much training so far, or training with walking on a collar/harness and leash or house training, so the pups will need continued work and patience if they do not have access to a yard for bathroom breaks.
  • Please email us at if you’d be able to help out with one or two puppies next weekend—and just look at those faces!