Extraordinary Community Foster Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Social distancing and the shift toward working from home has prompted an outpouring of foster support. In the last 8 days, over 90 PAWS animals have found temporary homes, making room in our shelters for the many more who will need to be rescued in the coming weeks.

Xander, above, is one of the lucky ones: less than 48 hours after we saved him and began treating his many illnesses from his time on the street, he was safe, warm, and continuing to heal at home with foster mom Somer, who says he is “hands down one of the sweetest fosters I’ve ever had (and he’s number 46)!”

We are so grateful to everyone who has stepped forward, and we can’t wait to keep matching foster parents with animals in need in the days and weeks to come! Here’s what foster manager Erica had to say about the roller coaster week we’ve had:

“The response has been incredible! I have a huge waitlist for dog fosters and kitten fosters. Sick cats are coming into the shelter, getting their baths and exams, and leaving immediately because we have so many people willing to take them for two or three weeks to heal. Animals are getting adopted left and right. We’re doing a ton of intake because of all the space that’s being made by these temporary fosters, and are booking solid every day with meets for both adopters and foster parents!

“It has really brightened my heart to hear people call and say “Hey, I have a couple weeks and I wanted to do something good with it. Can I help save an animal?” While I of course hope things go back to normal soon, please know it hasn’t been all bad, and we are trying our best to find that silver lining through our lifesaving community. Thank you for being part of our mission in these tough times!”

See below for more happy foster updates. All of the pets in foster care will need forever homes very soon, and many are already available to adopt now at phillypaws.org/adopt. More animals will need us in the coming weeks and months: if you are able to make a gift to save the most vulnerable pets, please give today at phillypaws.org/emergency.

“Goofy boy Charlie’s already the head of my household! He’s so cute I can’t concentrate ?”

“Mama Coco’s snores are nice working from home white noise!”
-Taylor (adopt Mama Coco here)!

“Doris just came home with me to foster about 4 hours ago and decided she liked having a bed to sleep on very quickly!”

“Buffy is getting around well… But is also happy to relax and cuddle!”

“Brother sister pair Jem and Scout are settling in super well. Kitty company is the best company!”
-Jordie (adopt Jem here, and adopt Scout here)!

Dobby The Elf spent just one day in the shelter before finding a temporary home with foster Maggie (and he already has a forever home lined up)!

“Picked up Rigatoni on Wednesday!”

“We are enjoying the work from home life!”
-Kathy (adopt Persephone here)!

“Momma and 6 little tater tot babies!”
-Julianna, who took home one of our first litters this spring!

“Little snuggle bug making himself at home!”

“Artemy is the sweetest guy! So glad he is here with us”
-Monica, who is helping Artemy recover from a toe amputation.

“Opie cozied up with me while I work”
-Julie, who took home once-scared Opie to help him get socialized.

“Caramel Delight is all snuggles!”
-Jessica, who is taking care of Caramel while her broken leg heals.

“Little Luna!”

“Olivia Pope settling in as my foster. She’s already curled up napping next to me while I work, truly precious!”
-Kimberly (adopt Olivia here!)