PAWS services during COVID-19: Clinic visits for sick pets, vaccinations, and spay/neuter available by appointment (curbside service). Walk-in clinics remain suspended. We continue to rescue animals! Adoptions and foster by appointment only. Donations to the Emergency Fund for PAWS help ensure we can keep doing our lifesaving work despite the current crisis.
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PAWS Services and COVID-19

We are providing this update on PAWS’ efforts to protect the health and safety of our staff, clients, volunteers, adopters, and fosters during this challenging time. While we remain open and saving lives, we have made significant modifications to our operations.

We believe that maintaining our lifesaving adoption and foster programs and continuing to serve pets and pet owners who depend on our clinic services is our responsibility to our community, and vital to our mission. Therefore, we continue to rescue animals from the city shelter and elsewhere with the same urgency as always.


Walk-in Vaccine Clinics at both our Grays Ferry and Grant Avenue clinics are closed until further notice.

Clinic Services: Both our Northeast and Grays Ferry clinics continue to serve pets who are sick, and we are also scheduling visits for vaccinations. Visits for other routine care (wellness checks, heartworm/combo testing, nail trims, health certificates for flying, etc.) will not be scheduled until further notice. We have instituted new procedures for clinic appointments to limit exposure and ensure that visitors maintain a healthy distance from each other. Clinic clients will be given instructions on our curbside procedures when they schedule their appointment.

Foster Walk-In Clinic: Foster walk-in clinic for current PAWS foster animals will operate with normal hours. Please ONLY come if your foster pet is sick or needs boosters, unless otherwise instructed by the foster team (for example, necessary scheduled rechecks). Please do NOT bring your foster pet to walk-in clinic for general wellness checks or issues that are not time-sensitive.

Spay/Neuter surgery is available by appointment, with some restrictions.

Our Adoption Centers are closed to browsing. Instead, foster and adoption pick-ups are by appointment at our Grays Ferry location or directly from foster homes. To learn more about adopting, please visit You may complete our cat adoption application or dog adoption application online, but please note that we are experiencing a higher than normal volume of applications, so our response to you may be delayed.

Fosters are key to our ability to continue saving lives, so please contact our foster team if you can temporarily take home a dog, cat, or litter of kittens in need and they will schedule an appointment with you at our Grays Ferry shelter. Currently, our greatest need is for adult cats with a variety of medical needs. Please visit for more information.

Volunteers: We and the animals still need you at our Grays Ferry shelter! We have reduced the number of shifts to essential levels, so if you are a current volunteer and are well, please sign up and help us provide the animals with all the attention and care they need during these challenging times. As soon as we reopen our Old City and Northeast Adoption centers, we will let you know! There are many other ways to help; please email to learn more!

If you need to surrender the pet you adopted from PAWS, it must come to our shelter at 2900 Grays Ferry Avenue. Please email to schedule an appointment.

These practices are in keeping with public health guidelines. This is a constantly evolving situation, and we will announce additional changes as they become warranted.

What PAWS staff and volunteers are doing:

  • Maintaining our robust procedures already in place – in accordance with shelter best practices – to ensure sanitary facilities and prevent the spread of disease, including: using gloves, gowns, and masks as appropriate when handling animals; transporting animals using bio-secure methods; isolating sick or diseased animals; thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting animal housing, bowls, and other supplies; and, properly disposing of waste.
  • Staying home if they are sick, symptomatic, immuno-compromised, or concerned they have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Implementing additional cleaning and disinfecting procedures, using gloves when handling client paperwork, and regularly sanitizing surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, faucet handles, and chairs.
  • Wearing masks and maintaining social distancing in our facilities, as mandated by city and state health officials.

What we are asking of you:

  • Please wear a mask when interacting with our staff and volunteers, both inside and outside our facilities.
  • If you are immuno-compromised, feel sick, or have any concerning symptoms, we ask that you wait until you have been symptom-free for 14 days before coming to our facilities.
  • If the above applies to you and you have a pet who needs veterinary care in our clinics, please identify a friend who is well to bring them for their appointment.
  • If you arrive at our facilities and are showing symptoms of illness, our staff will respectfully ask you to leave. (If you have brought a sick pet who needs to be seen, our staff will do their best to accommodate them safely.)

We intend for these measures to enable us to continue saving lives and serving our community, while protecting our staff, volunteers, and visitors. Of course, this situation is evolving daily, so we will continue to communicate any changes in our practices, procedures, or services as decisions are made. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your understanding and support, and for the love and care you give to Philadelphia’s pets.

Emergency Fund for PAWS

PAWS is at a critical moment, and we desperately need your help.

Please view this special message from Melissa Levy, PAWS executive director.

While our world in many ways has come to a halt, there is no lull in the number of pets whose lives depend on our immediate help. Throughout this crisis, animals continue to find safe haven at PAWS. We have nearly 30 dogs and over 300 cats and kittens in our care, with more coming in every day.

Our already tight budget is being stretched to its limits, with no end in sight. It will become harder for us to continue operating as time goes on, and we are braced for even more animals to need us in the coming weeks and months.

PAWS is determined to weather this storm, and continue carrying out our mission to save homeless animals and to serve the people who rely on us for veterinary care when their pets are sick.

Please, if you are able to make a special gift to protect the most vulnerable pets in our community, give now.

Your generous support of PAWS at this critical time will have a profound impact.