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I'm a certified cuddlebug and lap dog wannabe who loves people more than anything in the world!
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I'm an easygoing senior who just wants love, affection, and a sunny window to snooze in!
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I'm an affectionate couch potato who loves to get tummy rubs from everyone I meet!
Choco Taco
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I'm a sweet treat who just wants to relax, befriend everyone I meet, and be near my people where I'm happiest!
Miss Honey
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I'm an affectionate sweetheart who loves all humans and will snuggle with you for hours if you let me!
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PAWS is the city's largest rescue partner.

We are working to make Philadelphia a place where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home. We do so through rescue, foster care, adoption, and preventing pet homelessness in the first place by offering low-cost spay/neuter and basic vet care.

Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinics

Keeping pets and families together through low-cost basic veterinary services. Our clinics in Grays Ferry and the Northeast serve tens of thousands of pets every year whose caretakers may not afford care elsewhere.

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PAWS’ 2024 Calendars Are Here!

Featuring beautiful portraits of rescued PAWS pets, the PAWS calendar provides a year’s worth of inspiration and raises needed funds for our rescue, adoption, and clinic programs. All proceeds enable PAWS to serve more of the city’s neediest pets! Buy yours online at, or at a participating calendar merchant partner around the city! Central […]
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After a life on the streets, Walter retires in style!

This friendly senior spent quite some time as a neighborhood regular on his South Philly block, and had even been TNR’d (trapped, neutered, and released) by a community cat caretaker who fed and monitored the neighborhood strays. When he suddenly started following caretaker Tara home and asking to come inside, she knew something had changed. […]
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38,660 animals saved to date

We take in rescues from the city shelter almost daily with a focus on the most vulnerable: adult dogs, kittens, and cats recovering from illnesses. Once safe at PAWS, they receive everything they need to become ready for adoption, then are matched with loving homes.

156,752 volunteer hours served

PAWS’ dedicated and caring volunteers are essential in every aspect of our lifesaving efforts.

349,957 clinic patients served

Our low-cost Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinics prevent pet homelessness and provide a needed resource in our community, enabling loving pet owners to care for and keep their dogs and cats as family.

140,064 spay/neuters performed

PAWS provides low-cost spay/neuter surgery for owned pets, rescues and community cats to prevent the birth of unwanted litters. Our efforts are working: since our clinics opened their doors, the number of homeless animals entering Philadelphia’s city shelter has declined year over year.

PAWS Partners

Our lifesaving work is possible with the meaningful support of business and community partners.

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PAWS' impact grows as our services expand & progress continues

By rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding loving adopters for homeless animals with nowhere else to go, and providing affordable vet care and other services so pets can stay in their homes where they are loved, PAWS provides a vital and growing safety net for Philadelphia's most vulnerable cats and dogs. The pandemic has prompted a shift toward more intensive, individualized care for more complex needs.
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There’s still time to be a hero to little ones like Tink! This fragile kitten was scared, hungry, and suffering from untreated eye infections when she was found outside without her mother. Now, she is safe in a loving PAWS foster home, and growing stronger each day.

We’ll give Tink all the medical care she needs, for as long as it takes until she’s ready for a forever family, but more pets just like her are counting on us now!

Giving Tuesday is almost over, but there’s still have your gift matched when you donate before midnight. Please give today to provide twice as much care, safety, and kindness to the city’s most vulnerable pets!

Donate via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

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Alfred wants to know if you’ve made your Giving Tuesday gift yet! Every year, thousands of animals just like him arrive at PAWS in urgent need of veterinary care — first to survive, and then to heal and live their best lives.

This friendly former stray came to us with a severe infection that had permanently destroyed his eye. PAWS’ medical team performed surgery to remove the damaged tissue, and Alfred is now safe and healing thanks to PAWS’ dedicated doctors and vet techs.

With your gift, we’ll be ready to say YES to the next pet who needs us, whether they’re sick, injured, or suffering from a chronic condition. Right now, a group of dedicated supporters is matching all donations up to $75,000, and we need your help to reach our goal before midnight!

Please give today, and deliver twice the care and hope to at-risk pets who are counting on all of us. Your generosity will change lives, relieve pain, and bring joy!

Give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

1331 20

For possibly the first time, Corn Pop has a warm bed, good food in his belly, and people showing him love. It’s a brand new life after he was found fending for himself outside, alone, malnourished, and severely dehydrated. We weren’t sure how this gentle pup ended up in such heartbreaking shape, but we knew he needed our help.

Thanks to supporters like you, PAWS could welcome Corn Pop and start him on a path toward health, safety, and love that he’ll enjoy for the rest of his days.

Our medical team immediately got to work assessing Corn Pop and developing his care plan. He got a soothing bath for his skin, began treatment for an upper respiratory infection, and was placed on a special feeding regimen to help him get the nourishment he desperately needed. Through it all, this special pup amazed us with his trust, gentle nature, and capacity for love.

As you may know, this year has brought daunting challenges — people are facing extreme hardship, increasing numbers of pets are entering shelters, and the progress we have worked so hard to lead is in danger of sliding backward.

Thousands of at-risk pets find second chances at PAWS — whether they’re seeking a loving home or help staying with their beloved family. Providing the support they need saves lives, protects precious bonds, and eases pain. This holiday season, what better gift could there be?

Because the need is so great and so urgent, a group of generous donors will match every Giving Tuesday donation we receive, up to $75,000. So your kindness will go twice as far for the animals and people who are depending on us.

Corn Pop went home with a kind foster parent who is helping him become strong and healthy, and shares that Corn Pop “loves to be loved.” Rather than spending his days worrying where he’ll find his next meal, he now enjoys his own collection of toys and beds, and knows he’ll have a lap to climb into whenever he’s feeling lonely.

For every pet and person who “loves to be loved,” please give today and create twice as many reasons to celebrate!

You can give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

737 18

Oswald (literally) needs your support! This sweet kitten was at risk for euthanasia after arriving at the city shelter with a severe case of cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition prevents balance and motor coordination from developing, and Oswald could barely walk without falling down.

One of PAWS’ heroic veterinarians decided to foster him so he could get the special care he needed to start building his strength and improving his mobility. Oswald has a long road ahead of him, but is making slow but steady progress every day!

If you’d like to help Oswald and other fragile kittens grow healthy and strong, please consider making a gift during our Giving Tuesday matching challenge! Through midnight tomorrow, every dollar you give will be DOUBLED to save twice as many lives 🐈🐈

Give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

1192 24

If you agree that pets like Frog deserve safety and love, we’ve got great news: through midnight tomorrow, a group of generous donors is matching all donations to PAWS up to $75,000 for Giving Tuesday! That means your gift will deliver twice the warmth, comfort, and joy to the pets who most need it ❤️

This gentle senior is just one of the pets who is safe today thanks to animal lovers like you. He was found alone outside by a Good Samaritan and brought to the city shelter, where he developed kennel cough and urgently needed rescue. Because of your support, Frog found safe haven – and a bright, new future – at PAWS.

Frog received treatment for his respiratory infection and was matched with a caring foster parent to help him get well again. He stole countless hearts along the way with his kind and affectionate personality. Now enjoying the comforts of home while he searches for his forever family, this sweet boy can look forward to the rest of his golden years knowing he will be protected and loved.

As we continue to face daunting challenges, this lifesaving opportunity is unparalleled and urgent. Your generosity will sustain our work well into 2024 — enabling us to rescue vulnerable homeless animals with nowhere else to turn, and to help pet owners keep their companions at home where they are loved.

Please give today to save twice as many pets like Frog. Let’s make the most of this extraordinary gift!

You can give via Instagram, Venmo (username @phillypaws), or through our #linkinbio!

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Kaz’s family was already going through a big transition, and the prospect of losing a cherished companion in addition to that was devastating. But that is what they faced when they needed to temporarily stay with family who couldn’t have pets in their home. They reached out to one of our rescue partners for help, and were connected with PAWS.

Through our Safety Net Program, we were able to provide Kaz with a loving foster home until his family could move into a new home of their own. They were happily reunited a few months later, and Kaz is now enjoying the holidays at home with his family — right where he belongs.

If you’d like to help keep a family whole, consider becoming a foster through PAWS’ Safety Net Program! Sign up today through our #linkinbio.

Can’t foster? Help us sustain this vital program by making an early #GivingTuesday gift! Thanks to a group of donors who is matching all donations, your kindness will go twice as far.

453 9

Shopping local for #SmallBusinessSaturday? Be sure to grab your 2024 PAWS Calendar at one of our calendar merchant partners around the city and suburbs! 100% of proceeds benefit PAWS’ lifesaving efforts, and every month features a new portrait of a rescued PAWS pet 🐾

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You can also order calendars and other PAWS swag at at!

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She’s small, she’s wiggly, and she wants to go home with YOU! Poor Fruit Snack is still at the shelter after several foster and adoption leads fell through, and she’s hoping her big break will come soon.

Fruit Snack’s ideal home has been harder to find in a city environment – being around other dogs is very stressful for her, so it’s important for her to find a home where she can avoid canine encounters when she’s outside. Even though Fruit Snack is still learning how to be comfortable around other pups, she’s an absolute lovebug with every human she meets, and will climb into your lap as soon as you invite her.

If you’d like to transform a shelter dog’s life and help this friendly 9 month old puppy learn the ropes, Fruit Snack would love to wiggle her way into your arms! Email to learn more about fostering or adopting Fruit Snack 🍎🍌🐾

983 11

Today always, we are thankful for YOU! Whether you have adopted, donated, fostered, or volunteered, your act of caring has been a lifeline for the dogs, cats, small animals, and community members who need us.

Flambé is one of them. This affectionate young cat was trying to survive on his own as a stray. Now safe and cared for at PAWS, he has a whole new life to look forward to full of love, comfort, and kindness.

Thank you for making our work possible. Every day, as we chart our progress toward our goal of a no-kill city, you create the ultimate reason to celebrate: the safety and love of family ❤️

473 4

MySon is missing his mom just as much as she’s missing him. This sensitive boy is so scared at the shelter, and is looking for a temporary home through our Safety Net Foster Program until his owner can secure pet friendly housing.

Even though he’s very shut down right now, MySon’s owner describes him as friendly, affectionate, and playful. “He will pat the doorknob if he wants you to open the door for him, if you’re on your laptop or watching tv he’s right there at your feet, and he rubs his whole body on you when he wants you to give him pets.”

MySon might not be able to spend the holiday in his home, but you can brighten his days by welcoming him into yours! Email if you’d like to help this sweet guy.

465 3

This spunky kitten gives new meaning to the expression “tiny but mighty!” Little Sega was known for his very *big* lungs when he was at the shelter, but that’s exactly what saved his life in the first place.

He’d gotten himself trapped in an outdoor vestibule, and his cries could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Soon, word reached a PAWS staff member who was off that day and lived nearby.

She knew we had rescue space in our kitten nursery, so when it became clear that no one was on the property, she spoke with neighbors, made some calls, and finally located someone with access so she could get to him. He stopped crying as soon as she approached, and let himself be scooped up and brought to PAWS!

Once he arrived at the shelter, it quickly became clear that while Sega had initially quieted down, he had no long term plans to stay that way. His impressive cries became a familiar refrain throughout the shelter, and the only thing that stopped them was attention from people.

Luckily, Sega didn’t have to wait long to get the non-stop affection he craved. Just four days after his rescue, he found his forever home with Dylan and Tanner, who’ve been showering him with love and describe him as “totally fearless!”

“We were expecting a transitional period of him being shy or hiding,” shared Tanner, “but Sega had other plans. He immediately got to running around the room and playing with the new toys we had ready for him. He’s very aware that there’s 2 other cats in the home, and they’re eager to meet each other. We’re so excited to finally introduce him to our other babies and let him explore the rest of our house!

“Our favorite part of the day is when he finally tires himself out and lets us cuddle with him. Dylan’s chest is his favorite bed aside from his blanket. Sega has already added so much joy and love to our little family and we’re so excited to watch him grow up. Thank you to everyone at PAWS!”

If Sega’s story inspired you, consider making an early Giving Tuesday gift to help us save more pets like him — it will be doubled thanks to a generous group of donors who are matching all gifts!

2943 46

Hold onto your hockey sticks, Flyers Nation! 🏒🐶 Coffee Cake enjoyed an amazing day out meeting the team and melting every heart she encountered — and she can’t wait to bring all that love back home to you!

Our favorite cuddle bug had the time of her life visiting the @philadelphiaflyers at the @wellsfargocenter this weekend. She toured the ice, starred in her very first interview, and charmed the players like a true pro. Now she’s ready for her biggest role yet — finding her forever home!

Coffee Cake has been waiting on the sidelines for way too long, and her player stats are off the charts — we’re talking elite snuggles skills, relentless scoring in the affection department, and an unwavering dedication to making you smile. Coffee Cake would love to be your MVP🏆💖 So check her out today at!

412 6

Who wants a foster a big friend with a big heart? Lola lost her home after her heartbroken family had to relocate and couldn’t find pet friendly housing 😢 She’s 10 years young, a thick 81 pounds, and is having a hard time fighting a case of kennel cough here at the shelter. She’s an absolute love who’s desperate to find a home!

Lola’s previous owners say she’s housetrained, good on leash, likes to sunbathe (!!! 🥹) , calm and playful, and knows all these commands: sit, stay, lay down, come, drop it. She LOVES squeaky toys and tug toys, and while she’s not a fan of cats, she’s gotten along with dogs in the past.

Lola has been nervous and a little stressed in our loud kennel environment but a friendly, easy office friend. It would be much better for this sweet senior to move to a home environment where she can stay healthy, so please email if you can help!

457 12

Together, we will make Philadelphia a no-kill city.

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