Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Lynham

Donna began volunteering at PAWS in 2015 helping with the cats at our Northeast Adoption Center and Wellness Clinic. When we asked Donna about her favorite thing to do as a volunteer, she said, “​On Saturday mornings I help in Isolation with the sick cats. That is the most heartwarming part of my job is helping the sick cats feel a little more comfortable and give them lots of love.”

In the two years that Donna has been volunteering, she has become a wonderful addition to our volunteer program. Her passion for helping the animals shines through and was noticed by staff in the very beginning! “I can’t imagine my life without PAWS. It is the best place to volunteer – the animals are lovingly cared for, everyone is friendly and we all have the same goal of caring for the animals”. We are happy to have Donna as a volunteer and hope to have her for many years!