We Did It! Foster Challenge Saves 150 Lives

PAWS’ 2013 Foster Challenge was a success! Thanks to our dedicated, compassionate foster parents, we met our goal of saving 150 animals between May 1-31. Foster parents opened their home to orphaned kittens, mother cats with litters, dogs, and other needy animals, enabling us to rescue more in their place.

Foster Challenge: We Did It!

2011 Foster Challenge: 121 lives saved

2012 Foster Challenge: 94 lives saved

2013 Foster Challenge: 150 lives saved!

We hold the Foster Challenge in May because it’s just the start of the busy summer season in Philly’s shelters, when the need for foster parents is greatest. Every PAWS animal placed into foster care frees up a space for us to rescue a new one in its place from the city shelter, where lives are on the line daily. The animals are depending on us to make every month as successful as May was, so now is the perfect time to become a foster parent. Get started!

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