Top 25 PAWS Rescues of 2014

With our most successful year of lifesaving yet coming to a close, we have more than 2,600 rescues to celebrate! Here are a few of our favorites. . .

  • Steviemingo-70, who lost his eyes but not his spirit.
  • Mingo (right), who survived impossible odds and lived to tell the tale.
  • Cecille, who was adopted and returned more than any other cat but finally found a home.
  • Pebbles, the first new dog to arrive at our new Northeast adoption center, who was so proud to find a family.
  • Leon, whose adopter knew “it was love at first sloppy kiss.”

  • Walt Whitman, who spent his whole kittenhood in the shelter and finally found a home.
  • Flower, found as a stray kitten, adopted just a week later by a member of the Philadelphia Flyers.
  • 10171295-833555396676741-6725739815411573863-n-1Samson, a spunky senior who was adopted by Miss Pennsylvania.
  • Beyonce, an affectionate deaf dog who spent months at PAWS and is now her adopter’s best friend.
  • Sabrina (right), who raised a family of kittens then found a loving home.
  • Bullseye, who came to us sick, sneezing, with missing fur and an injured paw, and went on to be one of the first adoptions at our Northeast adoption center!
  • 10446107_10203941285672891_5713247429026246901_oSammy, Joey, and Alex (right), who were abandoned in a cardboard box as newborn kittens and are now fully grown and healthy in their adoptive homes.
  • Simba, a sweet and sensitive pit bull who craved the love and attention of a big family.
  • Sadie, who was found sick, underweight, and missing most of her fur, and is now healthy and loved.
  • 1560716_10100905030828038_2649160911790331513_n0Mae, the frightened cat who seemed least likely to be adopted but found the best home possible.
  • Boo, who was 9 years old, toothless, and perfect in his adopter’s eyes.
  • Oreo, who came to PAWS limping from injury, and walked proudly out the adoption center door with her adopters.
  • Prince (right), who was too scared to be held when he was rescued as a tiny orphan and now is happiest in his adopter’s arms.
  • Sox and Turnip, who took comfort in each other during a long shelter stay then found a home together.
  • 10750135_10205247482406993_8521197831383435308_o0Maverick (right), who was surrendered to the shelter to be euthanized, blind and in pain, but instead received lifesaving medical care at PAWS.
  • Tater and Moxie, who were separated during rescue, reunited at PAWS, and adopted together for life.
  • Sweet Pea, who survived rat poison, parvo, and more, and is now the life of the party at doggie daycare.
  • Whiskey, who waited all year long in foster care.
  • Bronson1896759_734966049869010_1280353937_n (right), the unforgettable staff favorite who was found as a stray in South Philly, stayed for months at PAWS, then went back to his old neighborhood the right way: as a beloved family pet.
  • Dexter, who was terrified in the shelter and overjoyed to be adopted.


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