Thundershirt Grant Helps PAWS Shelter Dogs

Summer, April, and Penelope enjoying their Thundershirts

Thanks to a grant from Thundershirt and Petfinder Foundation, PAWS has received a set of Thundershirts to reduce fear and stress in animals who are waiting for homes.

Donate a Thundershirt

Thundershirts can alleviate anxiety in dogs and cats, helping to improve their experience in the shelter and help them present well to potential adopters. The happier and healthier the animals are in the shelter, the faster they can find homes, and the sooner we can rescue new animals in their place.

Donate a Thundershirt for a PAWS dog or cat who is waiting for their home.

Here are a few of the dogs who have benefited from the grant:

  • Summer (top) was found as a stray in West Philadelphia, shy and unsure of what was happening to her. After her first few days wearing a Thundershirt at the shelter, she started to relax and let her personality come through. Summer was adopted by a PAWS staff member!
  • April (middle) hid under a desk after a loud thunderstorm hit, but the Thundershirt helped her feel comfortable enough to come out. Now adopted, April lives happily in South Philadelphia.
  • Penelope (bottom) was severely stressed in her room at PAWS’ adoption center, but with a little time and patience, she was able to calm down enough to meet potential adopters. She now lives happily with her family in the Philadelphia suburbs.