TeenaTeena came to PAWS after she was found hiding behind a grocery store. She was underweight, sick, and appeared to have recently had puppies. She didn’t seem to be familiar with human kindness, but with a few weeks of TLC, she came around and let her loving personality shine through. It took plenty of time and persistence to find her just the right home that could meet her needs for a stable routine, a quiet environment, and no other pets to bother her. She had a personality all her own – while most PAWS dogs fall instantly in love with every person they meet, Teena was more picky with her friends and would bond with a select few people. Imagine our embarrassment when she’d turn her back and ignore potential adopters!

At the end of the day when all the animals were tucked away for the night, we’d let Teena walk around loose in the shelter. She was the only dog we ever had who would go right in her kennel by herself, without being led there. We were glad she was comfortable with us, but it was as if she had accepted that she’d always live in the kennel, and would never have a real home. One day, we grimly realized that she’d been with us for a full year.

TeenaTo complicate things further, our veterinarian found that she had mammary tumors. She was accepted into a study at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, and as part of her participation, they performed surgery to remove the tumors and will provide lifelong follow-up care. Much to our relief, Teena has come through as a happy, healthy breast cancer survivor!

Teena’s fairytale ending finally came when a PAWS volunteer came forward whose household was a perfect fit. For picky Teena, it was love at first sight when she met her new Dad! He recently sent us this update: “Finally got Teena up to our place in the mountains. She’s a trooper. Meadows, mountains, creeks, cows!” We miss her, but it means so much to see her experience life and everything it has to offer!

Here’s a video of Teena frolicking in a field!