From Petey’s adopter, Amanda. . .

PeteyThe Story of Petey, the Simeone Automotive Museum Mascot


Petey was a stray, abandoned dog found wandering on the streets of North Philadelphia. He was emaciated, frightened, and alone, but he had those wonderful, kind eyes that melt your heart.


Petey was attending a PAWS adoption event at a Petsmart near the Simeone Museum and “found” by Amanda Bartley, Operations Administrator, who “just happened” to go there with a friend who was buying supplies for her own dog. Petey and Amanda locked eyes, hearts melted, and suddenly Petey was no longer alone in the world.


PeteyPetey walked directly into the heart of Amanda and everyone else at the Simeone where he was taken, fed nutritious meals, given a soft bed and received lots of love. Petey went from being a frightened, abandoned dog to being a robust, scarf wearing, toy toting, very much loved and stylishly chic, museum mascot.


Petey loves to welcome museum visitors with his favorite toy – a beat up, well played-with squirrel. Petey has captured the heart of the Fed Ex delivery staff who bring treats with every package, so that now, every Fed Ex truck is recognized by Petey as a potential treat center. He has won the hearts of museum volunteers who play ball with Petey in off hours and take him on long walks through the museum corridors.


PeteyPetey enjoys seeing each new car exhibition and is developing a finely honed appreciation of classic automobiles. He does seem to have an eye for Ferrari! Perhaps he dreams of the chases he could enjoy with those particular models.


Since his formal adoption by Amanda, Petey spends his days adding a special presence at the museum, Chances are you will meet Petey when you visit the museum, unless it’s a weekend, when he is usually at the Jersey shore…. he is such a Philadelphian!