OtisOtis was found as a stray, rescued by PAWS, adopted, returned due to landlord issues, then adopted again by a couple committed to him for life. From his adopter, Katy:


“My boyfriend and I both grew up with dogs but had spent many of our adult years without a companion to call our own. We were both aware of the countless homeless animals needing homes, so we began our search on Petfinder.com. I looked through hundreds of ads, wishing I could adopt every dog I saw.


Then I clicked on a link for a deaf pit bull mix named Otis. As soon as I saw Otis’ picture, my heart stopped. I knew I had found my dog.¬†As soon as we met him in person, there was no question that we would take him home; we bonded with him immediately.


That was almost four years ago. During that time, he has taught us things we could have never imagined. Our lives are so much better because of him; we are more patient, kind and compassionate people. Otis is a constant source of joy, laughter and unconditional love. I couldn’t imagine a day in my life without¬†him.”