MilesMiles is a Schnauzer mix puppy who was surrendered by his owners in February 2013 because they could not afford a pet. PAWS found him a new home with a family who adores him. From his new mom, Leanne:


“I fell in love with him the second I saw him, and I continue to fall in love all over again each and every morning I wake up to his little face.


MilesOur little boy turned 8 months on June 2nd. He is so incredibly intelligent, and always so happy. I count my lucky stars each day, that Miles was so easy-and continues to be- to train…but even more so, I am grateful, and amazed every day of his sweet, and gentle disposition.


He gets along beautifully with everyone and everything- men, women, babies, big dogs, little dogs, puppies, cats…you name it! He has enough kisses and love to go around for everybody…but extra for Mommy, of course.


MilesI can’t remember what life feels like before Miles, and it’s almost like I don’t know how I could have lived without him. He has brought such joy, and such a completion to my life – and I know my boyfriend would agree. It’s impossible to do anything but smile around him.


Thank you all so much again for helping us find our little boy. PAWS is absolutely wonderful, in every which way.”