LizzieFormer PAWS dog Lizzie is now a regular at Villanova University, where her adopter, Carol, is a faculty member.


“Lizzie was found as a stray around 5th and Olney, so the story goes, and then rescued by PAWS. She was about 10 years old, underweight, with incredibly rotten teeth, and almost totally deaf. What struck you first about her, however, was how adaptable and sweet she is. Whether two legged or four legged, she greeted everyone and everything with a wiggly tail.


At first a foster, I soon decided that she was a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle, and so I officially adopted her. After a great vacation with family on the Bay of Fundy in Canada, she now comes to work with me about 3 times a week. In no time at all, she has developed an incredible following among students, staff, and faculty who come by my office to visit her. One of her biggest admirers is the University Vice President who will even get down on the floor with her and rub her belly!


As you can see in the picture with one of the students, she loves to “go to college.” She has brought tremendous joy and laughter to me already, and our campus is truly enriched by her presence. Profound thanks to PAWS and all the work you do to preserve and share the love of life.”