Jazzy and her Puppies

Jazzy Before and After

Jazzy was found alone on the street in North Philadelphia, neglected and in poor shape. She was picked up by animal control then rescued by PAWS, where we provided her with housing, food, and TLC.


Jazzy and pups

She was found to have mammary tumors, so we entered her in a study with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. As part of the study, she would receive all the veterinary care she needed while advancing medical knowledge of mammary cancers in humans and animals.


After her initial examination, the vets had a surprise for us: Jazzy was pregnant! Considering how far along she was, her overall health, and knowing that adoptive families were eager to take the puppies, PAWS placed her in foster care to continue her pregnancy. Six healthy puppies were born a short time later and were quickly adopted once they grew big enough.


Jazzy and pups

Through it all, Jazzy’s foster parents fell in love with her, and made the decision to keep her forever. After the puppies were adopted and Jazzy had an “empty nest,” she developed separation anxiety and began to get upset when she was left alone. Her family is working with her on this and she is making progress!


Jazzy has now been spayed – no more puppies for this girl! -and is happily tumor-free after her surgery at Penn Vet. She’s enjoying great health and a loving home!