Ivy came to us after developing a severe case of mange that her owner did not have the resources to treat. Mange is caused by a microscopic mite that puppies are especially susceptible to, and Ivy required special baths and medication to treat her itchy and sore skin.

Newly rescued Ivy, at the very beginning of her treatment.


Even though Ivy was uncomfortable, her tail was always wagging and she didn’t let it stop her from being a goofy, social, snuggly puppy. She was curious and excited about every new person and experience, and quickly became a staff favorite (and resident office dog)!

Waiting to receive one of her favorite treats from staff.


Ivy luckily went into foster care, where she was able to continue recovering in the comfort of a home.

Ivy halfway through her recovery in her new foster home.


Shortly after going into foster care, a PAWS vet tech who fell for Ivy at the shelter decided she just had to have her! Now fully recovered, Ivy is living her best life with lots of naps, cuddles, and play time. Adopter Athena describes her as “a queen” who loves to play and demands belly rubs.

Ivy quickly made it clear that she prefers to be a lap dog.


When her mom is out of town and needs a dog sitter, Ivy even gets to spend time with her previous foster mom and foster brother.

Ivy posing with former foster brother Pickles.


What a difference a year makes!

Ivy’s before and after.