Gremlin Before

One evening on the way back from the city’s animal control shelter with a van full of new rescues – one of several rescue trips we take per week – we spotted a filthy, skinny kitten huddled on a sewer grate. Our rescue coordinator stopped, picked her up, and held her on the drive to PAWS’ shelter/clinic. Back at PAWS, we found that she was emaciated, dehydrated, anemic from flea bites, covered in filth, with an infected eye, leaky ears, an upper respiratory infection, and a belly full of worms. She was in terrible shape but full of spunk and determined to survive!


In PAWS’ care, she was bathed, treated for fleas, de-wormed, and given needed medications to clear up her upper respiratory infection. Despite her weakened state, she had a strong spirit and a loud meow to match!
All our cage spaces were full – they always are, since we fill each space with a new rescue from the city shelter as soon as an animal is adopted – so our front desk manager took her home to foster.


Gremlin After

Named Gremlin after her appearance when she was first rescued, she immediately started to look better once she settled in a comfortable home. Over the next few weeks, she grew strong and healthy. Her eye was too infected to save, so PAWS’ surgeon removed it (the best option for Gremlin to experience as little distress as possible). In a matter of weeks, this spunky little sewer kitten transformed into a happy, healthy house pet.


Her caretaker, Monica, is an experienced foster mom who has seen off dozens of kittens to loving homes, but she grew a special attachment to Gremlin and decided to keep her forever. Gremlin is staying in the PAWS family and has several feline siblings, a dog, and a human brother to keep her company!