Giselle’s story, told by one of the volunteers who cared for her:

GiselleLife started out very tough for our gorgeous girl, who was dumped at the shelter. She was briefly adopted but returned to the shelter because of a family allergy. It was soon discovered that she was very sick, as it was determined she had stomatitis, a painful dental condition that made eating and grooming painful. It was so sad watching her waste away as she couldn’t get enough to eat; efforts to feed her often caused her to cry out in pain. It did not stop her from loving staff and volunteers who would get her out of her cage to give her the cuddles and lap time which she craved! Thankfully a foster took her in to relieve her shelter stress, but ultimately it was determined the only help for our lovely girl was a total extraction of her teeth. Thanks to donations from volunteers, PAWS was able to get the costly life saving surgery she needed.

Now she is living in a loving forever home with her wonderful parents Lisa and Paul and her feline sister, Georgia. Giselle is absolutely thriving, eating well and loving life!

Here are a few words from her new parents:

“We fell in love with Giselle the minute we met her. We can’t imagine anyone not wanting her. She brings us so much joy and laughter, and has helped our older cat get over the loss of her lifetime companion, Jackson, our other cat who died last year. It is so rewarding to know that we have been able to give her the kind of stable home she deserves, and we admit to endlessly spoiling her! Whether Giselle is purring in our laps, snoozing on the bed, energetically playing with her toys (and her sister Georgia, at times), or chowing down on treats, wet food, or dry food (you name it, she eats it), she definitely brings a colorful, cozy, and fun vibe into our home!  We couldn’t be happier to be her parents, and we thank PAWS and the volunteers who literally kept Giselle alive during her tough times, and who made it possible for us to adopt her.

We miss her at PAWS but are so happy for her new and great life!

Thank you Lisa, Paul and Georgia for welcoming Giselle into your home!