FinnOnce a stray kitten, Finn hit the jackpot with his new family! From his adopters:


Dear PAWS,

We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you do.

You helped our little family come together with the addition of Finn, a 5.5 lb. 8 month old orange tabby cat. We knew it was time to adopt Finn the moment we saw him at the 2nd and Arch location. It took us weeks leading up to this special Sunday, before we found the cat that we would call our little buddy. That Sunday, he had been transferred to the adoption center. He had been placed in the kitten room for only about an hour until we laid eyes on him. A little boy had let him and we managed to catch him. 

FinnHe melted into our arms and we were smitten.

After coming home, he fell ill with an upper respiratory infection, most likely due to a weak immune system, being only 4 months old at the time. With the help of PAWS’ Greys Ferry clinic, we were able to nurse him back to health in a matter of days. Today Finn is a curious, playful and loving cat, with a big personality. I couldn’t imagine our little family without him, he’s definitely brought a lot of joy, laughter and cuddle time into our lives! Thank you PAWS!



Rachel, Adam and Finn.