Ellie Mae

Former PAWS resident Ellie Mae is enjoying the good life! She had been dropped off at the shelter by a police officer on New Year’s Eve, after she was found alone and neglected in a backyard in the Frankford section of the city. She was thin, scared, and appeared to have recently had puppies.


PAWS took her in and helped her bounce back to health. She had a naturally sweet temperament, but was fearful of new situations and needed help building her confidence. We worked with her slowly and steadily to help her learn the simple joys of being a dog, from playing with toys to rolling in the grass. We taught her basic skills she’d need to be a great family dog, such as politely greeting people, walking on a leash, and responding to commands. Soon she was ready to find her perfect family – one that would shower her with love and affection while keeping up with her training and continuing to help her work on confidence-building.


Ellie MaeAfter seven months of waiting, she was finally adopted by a loving couple who were looking for their first dog together. They now live happily as a family of three outside the city. “She was such a sweetheart,” said her adopter Kathleen of the moment they met. “She came right up to us and wanted to play ball.”


“Ellie Belly,” as her family now calls her, “was once scared to walk down the street. Now her head’s held high and her tail is wagging.”


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