Homer, Lilly, Bella, Mellow, Minnow, Mojo, Tucker & Titan

In January 2012, PAWS took in a litter of eight puppies who were just six days old. Their owners were unable to care for them after the mother dog would no longer nurse, so they were surrendered to PAWS.


Bottle puppies



Our staff members and foster parents took them home in pairs and bottle-fed them around the clock.





Our family members helped, too!





The puppies’ eyes opened and they began to discover their surroundings.


White pup



They weaned off their bottles and started eating on their own.



Sleeping Pups



They began teething and would nibble on anything they could find.


Puppy Nibbling



They remained in their foster homes in pairs for socialization in their first months.


 Sleepy Pups



They also met adult dogs in their foster homes who taught them canine social skills.


Puppy Meets Orion



As they grew, they developed unique personalities.







They also grew plenty of spots!


Bella and Lilly



At twelve weeks old, they were ready to be adopted out to permanent homes.





Lilly Rose was the first to find a home – she now lives happily with a multigenerational family in Bucks County.





Mojo found a home with his new mom, Joy.




He’s now a happy, healthy, fully grown dog.




Minnow lives in South Philadelphia and was featured in PAWS’ 2013 calendar with his brother Homer!


Minnow Homer



Homer was adopted by PAWS’ spay/neuter surgeon and has several canine housemates. He comes to work often with Mom and even helps to socialize new dogs who come in to the shelter. Formerly the smallest puppy, he’s now the largest of the group at 81 pounds.





Bella is now a city girl living in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties neighborhood.





Bella took her first trip to the beach with her family!





Mellow lives near Harrisburg, PA . . .





. . . and his brother Titan lives right down the street!


Mellow and Titan



The pups celebrated their first birthday in early 2013.

Now fully grown, they have years of fun ahead with their families!


Homer smiling



Photos by Dog Park Publishing, Jennie Ruff, Little Red Dog Studios, JLS Photography, and the pups’ families.