ChuckChuck had plenty of odds stacked against him – not only did up at the city shelter during its busiest season, when intakes are highest and many healthy cats are euthanized for lack of space, but he was deaf, only had one eye, and had cerebellar hypoplasia (a neurological condition impairing coordination and balance). PAWS rescued him, provided care and shelter at our newly opened Grays Ferry facility, and placed him up for adoption. He found a great home and is now living happily in Fishtown.


From his adopter, Vanessa:
“I can’t believe it’s only been a year since I adopted Chuck, I feel like he has been part of my little animal family for ages. He and Rufus (my 6 year old cat) get along great. They love to play wrestle, lay by the window together sunbathing, and cuddle with mom every single night. Despite all of his issues he is the happiest cat I know. He is so cuddly, friendly and talkative, every person that meets him falls in love instantly.


Thank you for giving him another chance at life. He is one truly special cat.”