20121202_140029“On July 11, 2011 I adopted Cassie, and since that day she has been a joy. She is the greatest, most fun and energetic dog. She has a huge heart. I feel so lucky to have found her…

My parents and I were talking about getting another dog, we adopted our first dog Charlie from PAWS a couple years earlier, and as we were walking through Rittenhouse Square I saw Cassie. We stopped briefly to pet her and had to keep going, but there was something about her that was special. I knew she was supposed to be my dog. I always felt like I didn’t choose her, but she chose me.

Nowadays Cassie is completely adjusted (and spoiled) at home with me. Her tail never stops wagging and she can’t wait until I get home from work to smother me in kisses and get belly rubs. She loves to be around people and her butt wiggles whenever someone talks to her, she loves walks and playing with her toys- but I think her most favorite thing is snuggling. She’s a 60 pound pibble who thinks she’s a 6 pound puppy. She’s the sweetest.

All in all, I’ve been so happy to have her and I can’t thank PAWS enough for the wonderful gift you’ve given me.”