Buddy a.k.a. Dr. Snortimer

BuddyBuddy had been found as a stray in Northeast Philadelphia, brought to the city’s animal control shelter, then rescued by PAWS. He spent several weeks at PAWS’ Adoption Center before finding a great home. From his adopter, Caitlin:


“In mid-October, I went to your location at 2nd and Arch to look into adopting a puppy. I was grabbing an application and saw a 9yr old beagle sitting in one of the rooms. I went in to spend some time and fell in love with him. I took him home three days later. He was low energy and unsure of me and the new home.


Two and a half months later, he has so much energy. He eats regularly and is walking well on a leash. He now knows how to sit and come but we are working on lie down. It has been pretty cool forming a bond and bringing him back to life. He’s a big hit with my friends and family- good with people and other animals.



I could not have made a better decision. He’s loving and sweet and adorable. He’s awesome.”