Shelter Buddies Help PAWS Animals Achieve their Potential

SheenaPAWS volunteers are helping dogs and cats make the most of their time in the shelter and find homes faster! “Shelter Buddies” are dedicated volunteers who are paired the with animals in our facilities most urgently in need of homes, and who would benefit from extra attention and promotion.

Dog volunteers visit the shelter several times per week to provide one-on-one training and enrichment, work with our staff to carry out individualized behavior improvement plans, and help reduce dogs’ stress while they wait to be adopted. Cats receive visits from their Shelter Buddies where they enjoy extra socialization and bonding. Shy cats get used to meeting new people, stressed cats learn to relax, and feisty cats get a chance to expend their energy and enjoy playtime.

Shelter Buddies also help animals find new homes by promoting them online and in their own communities. As a result, our neediest cats and dogs are finding homes faster and have special friends to lean on while they wait. Ultimately, Shelter Buddies are enabling us to save more homeless pets who have nowhere else to go.

Interested in becoming a Shelter Buddy? Current PAWS volunteers can be matched with an urgent animal now by emailing Allison Lamond. To get started as a volunteer, click here.

Pictured: PAWS dog Sheena enjoys an affectionate moment after a training session with her Shelter Buddy, Megan.

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