PAWS services during COVID-19: Clinic visits for sick pets, vaccinations, and spay/neuter available by appointment (curbside service). Walk-in clinics remain suspended. We continue to rescue animals! Adoptions and foster by appointment only. Donations to the Emergency Fund for PAWS help ensure we can keep doing our lifesaving work despite the current crisis.
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Petco Foundation grant leads to exciting lifesaving results

In 2015, Petco Foundation made an important investment in PAWS in the form of a three-year, $225,000 Lifesaving Impact Award, in recognition of the progress we have made and in support of our detailed plans for the work ahead. Now with this three-year commitment complete, we are proud to announce the results.

With Petco Foundation’s support, PAWS increased the number of animals we rescued an average of 8% year over year:

We did so by enhancing our foster program, streamlining our adoption process, and expanding our veterinary capabilities. The result is more homeless pets placed in loving adoptive homes, and more rescued in their place! Thousands like Pistachio are now safe and happy in new homes: this kitten came in as a stray with severe eye infections and made an incredible transformation in foster care to become a healthy family pet.

Petco Foundation’s grant funded costs of rescuing, sheltering, providing vet care, and adoption matchmaking for the most vulnerable pets, with a special focus on the ones least likely to survive:

Dogs with medical needs

10-year-old Lemon, who landed at the city shelter because her owner could no longer afford to care for her, is just one of thousands of homeless pets who are now safe. PAWS rescued her and provided her with dental surgery, veterinary attention for her heart murmur, treatment for cataracts and skin conditions, a much-needed grooming, and finally, a loving new home.

Every day, dogs like Lemon enter city shelters who need veterinary care before they are ready for adoption, and PAWS will continue expanding our efforts to save more of them.

Young kittensĀ 

After Fantina was found as a stray with four nursing kittens in tow, she found safe haven in PAWS’ kitten nursery. Like thousands of others entering the shelter who are too small or ill for adoption, her kittens needed a place to grow before they were ready to be matched with families. After a 12-week stay together in PAWS foster care, all four kittens found loving homes throughout the Philadelphia area, and so did Mom!

Cats in need of medical care

Oro was found fending for herself in Northeast Philadelphia, underweight, dehydrated, sneezing, and suffering from an injured paw. We took her in, nursed her back to health, and matched her with an adopter who fell in love with her affectionate personality.

PAWS’ medical wards are specially designed for cats like Oro who need time and care to recover from illness and injury. With support from Petco Foundation and our wide community of animal lovers, we are continuously expanding our capacity to provide diagnostics and treatment to save more of them.

Dogs who need a helping hand to thrive

1-2 year old Sergeant Teapot quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite during his stay at PAWS after he was found as a stray. He now lives happily in Old City, where he enjoys all the walks, play, and love he can handle!

Thousands of wonderful dogs like him enter the city shelter every year, and our facilities and foster homes provide them with a caring environment to de-stress, learn manners and gain socialization while they wait for adoption.

Thanks to Petco Foundation – and to the generosity of our foster parents, adopters, volunteers, and donors – we are closer than ever to making Philadelphia a place where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home.