Best Kept Secrets

Meet the PAWS cats who have been flying under the radar, waiting to be noticed! Cherry, Goliath, Cattleya, Sasha, Kitty, and Ninja are looking for a new start in life after being rescued by PAWS. To adopt one, visit or stop by our Northeast Adoption Center at 1810 Grant Avenue.

Special thanks to Aspects to creating these videos!
Sasha, a gorgeous 5-year-old who’s looking for a quiet home to relax in.

Cherry, who’s the perfect mix of affectionate and independent.


Ninja, a handsome 1-2 year old who’d like to spend his days lounging on your windowsill.


Cattleya (cat-a-lay-a), a spunky girl who likes to hunt toys!


Goliath, a laid-back gentleman who loves being petted and gets along with other cats.


Kitty, a curious 2-4 year old who’s always looking for a new place to perch.

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