New play rooms installed for rescued cats


Stevie and Sabrina play in their new rooms!

PAWS has transformed its cat housing rooms into a feline playground!

Thanks to generous donations from PAWS supporters, we have furnished the community cat rooms at our adoption centers with climbing walls with lounging boxes, ledges, and steps, colorful feeders, baskets for napping, and huge wheels for play.

The installation will provide for enrichment, exercise, and comfort while rescued cats wait for their forever homes.

Come see the cats in action at either PAWS adoption center:

Here are some pictures of the cats enjoying their new accommodations:



Sabrina stretches out on the climbing wall.


Wendy, Stevie, and Sabrina lounge on their perches.


Bella finds a hiding spot on the climbing wall.


Stevie peeks out from his perch.


Cats enjoy mealtime at their new feeders.


Morty and Stevie try to decide who will be first to try the new play wheel. . .


Stevie takes a brave first step onto the wheel!

See a video of Kitty and Bailey running on the wheel:

Many thanks to our generous donors for making our new cat rooms possible. To support PAWS’ ongoing effort to rescue, care for, and find homes for homeless cats, please click here to make a donation.

Bella, Stevie, Sabrina, and Kitty are still waiting for homes: adopt them!

Photo credit: Caroline Twohill Photography

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