Mutt Strut Fundraising: Sample Posts


Now that you’ve registered for the Mutt Strut, spread the word to your friends and family! Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more to generate attention, collect donations to your fundraising page, and even recruit new Mutt Strutters to join your team!

First step: Copy the link to your fundraising page and paste it in every post you create. You can find this link in the email that was sent to you when you registered for the Mutt Strut.

If you haven’t yet personalized your fundraising page with a photo and message, now is the perfect time (follow the steps in the original email you received after registering).

Here are some sample social media posts. Use them as inspiration, or feel free to copy and paste them!


Please join me as I raise money to make Philadelphia a no-kill city! PAWS (tag: @philaanimalwelfaresociety) is the city’s largest no-kill shelter, and is dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned and unwanted animals. #pawsmuttstrut

Hi friends: I’m participating in the 11th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut to help rescue homeless dogs and cats. Please make a donation and help bring Philadelphia closer to becoming a no-kill city! #pawsmuttstrut

Please donate and help me reach my goal! All donations will help PAWS(tag: @philaanimalwelfaresociety) save the lives of homeless dogs and cats. You can also join me at the Mutt Strut on October 14 at The Navy Yard to enjoy a fall festival and scenic walk. I would love to see you there! #pawsmuttstrut

Please donate and help me save lives! I’m walking in the Mutt Strut so homeless pets can know the love of family. Your donation will help PAWS (tag: @philaanimalwelfaresociety) rescue litters of kittens, nurse sick cats back to health, and save dogs who wouldn’t make it otherwise. #pawsmuttstrut

I’m just [$ amount] away from reaching my Mutt Strut goal! Please donate now and help me raise [goal amount] to help PAWS save Philadelphia’s homeless pets. #pawsmuttstrut

Already posted a link to your fundraising page and want to change things up? Post adorable pictures of your pets to remind your friends what the Mutt Strut is all about. Just remember to include a link to your page in the photo description so your friends can donate.



Please donate to @phillypaws and help me reach my goal of [amount] to save Philly’s homeless pets! #pawsmuttstrut

I’m participating in #pawsmuttstrut on 10/14 to help save homeless pets. Join me and make a donation to my fundraising page!

Please donate to my Mutt Strut page and join me in supporting @phillypaws as they make Philadelphia a no-kill city! #pawsmuttstrut



Please join me in the effort to save Philly’s homeless pets! On October 14 I’ll be participating in the @phillypaws Mutt Strut to rescue dogs, cats, and kittens in need. I’m asking your help to donate to my fundraising page and help me reach my goal of [$ amount]. Visit the link in my bio to give. The animals thank you and so do I! #pawsmuttstrut #phillypaws

Please donate to my @phillypaws Mutt Strut page and help me reach my goal by 10/14! All donations help save homeless dogs, cats, and kittens. Just go to the link in my bio to give. #pawsmuttstrut #phillypaws

Help me support Philly’s largest no-kill shelter: donate to my #pawsmuttstrut fundraising page! Visit the link in my bio. #phillypaws

Instagram tips:

  • Looking for an image to post? Take a screenshot of your fundraising page in your phone’s browser, or use a photo of your own pet to get your friends’ attention.
  • Include a link to your fundraising page in your Instagram bio (click “edit profile” in Instagram). Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in photo descriptions, so this is the easiest way for your friends to access your page.

Weekly Suggested Posts: Every week we’ll post an animal here who is safe thanks to PAWS donations. Save the image, copy/paste the text, and share with your friends. Or, tell their story in your own words. Don’t forget to include a link to your fundraising page! If you’d like even more stories, you can also check out our archive of weekly posts from 2016.