Beyonce and Kelly: Deaf “Sisters” with a Special Bond

Beyonce and Kelly are looking for a home. Here is their story!




Beyonce came to PAWS after she was found alone in West Philly. She’s a friendly girl who’s very sociable with people and dogs!




Beyonce suffered from separation anxiety and would get upset when she was left alone. New situations would easily scare her, so we started working with her to help her build her confidence. We found that she felt happier and more comfortable in the presence of other dogs, so we let her have playdates with them as frequently as possible.




She went into foster care with a staff member where she could enjoy all the comforts of home.




Beyonce spent time in PAWS’ office and napped peacefully amidst all the loud commotion.




About a month after Beyonce came to us, Kelly was picked up by animal control in Southwest Philly – she had the same white coat and freckles, and the same bubbly, people-and-dog-friendly personality. She was deaf, too!




When we introduced her to Beyonce, their bond was instant. Beyonce’s foster mom generously opened her home to Kelly so they could stay together while they waited for adoption.


Beyonce and Kelly


Beyonce and Kelly do everything together: they romp and play in the yard, and when it’s time to settle down for naps, they do that together, too.




Where one goes, the other follows!




We have no way of knowing if Kelly and Beyonce are related, but the bond they have formed can only be described as sisterly.



Since Kelly arrived, Beyonce’s confidence has gotten a boost and her separation anxiety has improved drastically. They lean on each other for companionship and reassurance.



Like many sisters, they are very close, but they don’t need to live together forever. Since they are both so friendly with other dogs, we would like to see both of them go off to adoptive homes where they have another dog to be friends with.¬†They’ll each bond just as closely with a new dog sibling as they have with each other.



They can do everything that other dogs can do – being deaf does not limit them in any way!




Beyonce and Kelly know hand signals! They’re very well trained and know signs for sit, down, stay, and come. If their play gets too rowdy, they understand a signal to “calm down.”




Beyonce and Kelly have spent two months in foster care, so they are very used to living in a home setting and should fit right in with their new family. They have recently returned to PAWS’ kennels and are all ready to go to their forever home! They love other dogs and would do well in a family with older kids.




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