Just $22 per Month Saves a Life

IkeYour monthly donation of just $22 will provide all we need to give a homeless dog or cat the family it deserves.

Make a $22 monthly donation to PAWS.

It costs us an average of $264 to rescue, care for, and adopt out a homeless pet. If you give just $22 a month, by the end of one year you’ll have fully covered the costs of saving one animal (like Ike, who was rescued by PAWS and found a loving family).

Every PAWS dog and cat is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before going home. Your support will cover those expenses, along with the food, shelter and medication our animals need during their stay. Donations to PAWS are fully tax-deductible and enable us to save and serve Philadelphia’s neediest pets. Please give!

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