Foster Parents: Stepping Up and Saving Lives!

Foster parents are central to our lifesaving efforts throughout the year, but their help is most urgently needed during the summer months when shelter space is critically low. With adoptions down and homeless animals flooding into the city shelter, PAWS foster parents have stepped up this year like never before to break records and save lives!

PAWS Foster Challenge

Our 2018 foster challenge goal was our most ambitious yet: send 170 animals into foster care between July 13th to August 13th. Not only did we reach our goal, we broke it – ten days before the foster challenge even ended! Now with 6 days left in the challenge, we’ve already placed 200 animals into foster care and counting. As always, every animal that leaves the shelter opens a space for us to rescue a new one from animal control!

July Rescues

Our Foster Challenge success opened up so much shelter space that we were able to rescue 328 animals in the month of July alone! Not only is that a new record for what has historically been our most difficult month, it’s also our third highest rescue month ever.

PAWS Bottle Feeder Program

Until recently, PAWS has been unable to rescue kittens who are too young to eat on their own, but that’s finally changed thanks to a group of dedicated foster parents and an innovation grant from Maddie’s Fund! We just kicked off our new bottle feeder program by rescuing 14 nursing kittens in less than a week: the 3 litters we saved arrived at the shelter without their mothers and without an exit, but now they’re safe, happy, and very well fed in in their new foster homes!

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