Cat Resource Manager

At PAWS, we work every day to end pet homelessness, find loving homes at-risk pets, and provide accessible, affordable care to our community’s pets. PAWS’ innovative foster program, open adoption philosophy, and commitment to surrender prevention are essential parts of our progressive mission, enabling us to rescue thousands of animals each year and support and serve tens of thousands of owned pets each year as well.


We are seeking a proactive and creative team-oriented leader with strong cat expertise and organizational and communication skills to continue to build and strengthen PAWS’ cat-focused community support programs.


The Cat Resource Manager is responsible for:

– Managing the intake of new cats to PAWS from owners, rescue groups, and partner shelters to maximize PAWS’ lifesaving impact within its capacity to provide excellent care;
– Overseeing and coordinating community support and surrender prevention programming for cats and their owners;
– Overseeing “community cat” efforts, including TNR outreach and assistance.
– Coordinating “working cat” and PetSmart adoption center placements.


This position works in collaboration with other departments to ensure optimal treatment and outcomes for all animals who come into PAWS’ care, and to ensure successful, integrated operations among PAWS’ foster care, adoption, veterinary, animal care, customer service, and intake departments. The Cat Resource Manager interacts regularly with the public, setting an example for other staff of stellar customer service.


We think you’ll be a great fit if you:
– Are a seasoned leader who is team-oriented and able to motivate and inspire staff, community
members, and volunteers.
– Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and like to work collaboratively with other
departments and personalities.
– Are excited to provide excellent customer service to, and problem-solve with, people from all of
our city’s diverse populations.
– Can work quickly and efficiently without compromising attention to detail.
– Are unphased by surprises, and can balance big picture strategic projects with daily tasks.
– Think outside of the box and are not afraid to try new things.
– Thrive in a hectic, fast-paced, busy environment full of cute distractions.
– Have experience and confidence in handling cats of all ages, sizes, and temperaments.
– Believe every animal is an individual, deserving of individualized care and a well-matched, loving home.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

– Oversee and develop new approaches to surrender prevention and community support resources for cat owners, including:

  •   — serving as the primary contact for cat surrender and cat care-related questions or concerns from the public;
  •   — assisting cat owners in finding alternatives to surrendering their pet;
  •   — serving as primary contact for cat-related surrender prevention and community support request from ACCT Help Desk and other community partner referrals;
  •   — connecting pet owners with behavioral advice, medical care (at PAWS and elsewhere) and other resources (pet food, supplies, housing, referrals to other support programs);
  •   — counseling community members on cat care and creating accessible and effective cat care and behavior support materials;
  •   — working with PAWS’ Customer Service Manager to coordinate medical care for cats at risk of surrender, including serving as a liaison between customer service/clinic staff and cat owners and caretakers receiving grant-supported medical care;
  •   — offering owners in need food, crates, and other supplies that may be available;
  •   — partnering with the Dog Program and Animal Care Manager and Communications and Grants Manager to create and maintain a surrender prevention/community support component of PAWS’ website;
  •   — developing partnerships with other local animal welfare or human service agencies and businesses to serve and reach more pet owners in need;
  •   — creating systems for tracking surrender prevention efforts and data.

– Oversee and develop processes for “direct surrender” of cats by owners to PAWS, including:

  •   — standardizing and streamlining surrender inquiries via PAWS’ website;
  •   — partnering with ACCT Philly and the CNKP Help Desk to divert owner surrenders;
  •   — with the Feline Intake Lead Technician, identifying and scheduling owner surrenders, and gathering medical and behavior histories to assist with pathway planning.

– Manage partnerships with area rescues and shelters to transfer cats into PAWS, including:

  •   — building and strengthening existing partner relationships;
  •   — selecting transfer candidates to both target highest risk/highest need cats, and ensure adoption center candidates;
  •   — utilizing transfers from smaller rescue groups to create a “pipeline” of cats for off-site adoption locations.

– Oversee and develop programming to support the management and care of community cat
populations, including:

  •   — serving as the primary contact for community cats/TNR-related questions or concerns from staff, volunteers, and the public;
  •   — providing community members with knowledge, skills, and resources needed to provide care to the cats living outdoors in their neighborhoods;
  •   — coordinating the various TNR “voucher” programs, and working with the Customer Service Manager and communications team to promote TNR vouchers and programming to the public;
  •   — assisting during dedicated or large-scale TNR events with clinic flow and customer service;
  •   — coordinating humane trap loans to members of the public, ensuring our inventory of traps is maintained in clean, working condition with appropriate signage;
  •   — in partnership with the Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator, offering mentoring and training opportunities for volunteers, to engage them in assisting with various community cat related field and shelter duties such as TNR trapping, trap cleaning, TNR clinic check in/discharge, etc.;
  •   — create, edit, and/or update TNR materials as needed;
  •   — as surgery and program capacity grows, coordinating the efforts of volunteers (and staff, when applicable) to strategically target areas most in need of TNR and conduct community outreach in neighborhoods most in need of TNR resources and support.

– Co-supervise the Feline Intake Lead technician with the Director of Operations, and work with the Lead to proactively communicate planned intakes and new arrivals to appropriate staff.
– With the Adoption and Foster Program Managers ensure the PetSmart adoption center has as full a selection of adoptable cats as possible, drive pathway planning for cats, and focus strategically on reducing length of stay for cats in PAWS’ care.
– Take ownership of “working cat” placements, including:

  •   — identifying working cat candidates within the PAWS cat population, in consultation with the shelter leadership team;
  •   — promoting working cat candidates for adoption and creatively expanding promotion options;
  •   — counseling adopters on appropriate care for working cats, including transition/confinement periods, safety, and medical care.

– Document pertinent information about animals and clients in ShelterLuv and Clinic HQ promptly and accurately.
– Capture photo and video content of cats and clients served by PAWS programs to share with communications staff.
– Partner with communications staff to develop, coordinate, and promote timely and effective public facing messaging regarding surrender prevention and community support efforts and TNR services.
– With the Database Operations Coordinator and Director of Operations, monitor monthly, quarterly, and annual cat intake, TNR surgery, and surrender prevention/community support data to identify trends, set goals, measure success, and identify opportunities for improvement.
– Work collaboratively with the veterinary and shelter leadership teams to implement nationally recognized animal sheltering, community cat, and community support best practices.
– Partner with the shelter leadership team to assess shelter and community animal “inventory” with an eye toward development and implementation of new policies, protocols, and programs to support the populations at greatest risk, and in greatest need of rescue and care.
– Communicate PAWS policy changes, values and vision related to surrender prevention, community support and TNR to staff (and volunteers when applicable).
– In partnership with the Director of Operations, identify and coordinate continuing education and professional development opportunities for staff.
– Partner with the shelter leadership team to ensure lifesaving departments have maximum impact, integrate seamlessly with other PAWS departments and programs, and meet interdepartmental lifesaving goals.
– Work directly with animals at PAWS locations, including but not limited to: restraining animals for medical care; transporting animals; cohabitating with “office animals.”
– Deliver services and programs with an open-minded and inclusive attitude, treating each community encounter with respect, kindness, and compassion.
– Provide leadership and support for customer service issues needing manager intervention. This includes listening, empathizing, and providing effective responses and remedies to customers’ questions and needs and communicating in a patient, courteous, and respectful manner at all times, even in stressful situations.
– Perform general administrative and clerical duties, including but not limited to: data entry, scheduling, ensuring a rapid response to phone calls, and maintaining accurate files and records.


Required Skills and Qualities:
– At least two years’ experience in community engagement or community organizing.
– At least two years’ experience in a shelter or rescue environment and with handling of stressed and undersocialized animals strongly preferred.
– At least one year’s experience in managing staff or volunteers.
– First-hand experience with TNR and trapping community cats.
– Familiarity with diseases common to cats and basic knowledge and experience with administering medical treatments.
– Experience caring for and handling animals in a safe and effective manner, including animals of unknown disposition and those who may exhibit fear and reactivity.
– Excellent interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills.
– Computer proficient in Microsoft office and Google products.
Proficient in, or willingness to become proficient in the various shelter management systems utilized by PAWS (ShelterLuv, Clinic HQ, Trello).
– Strong sense of leadership and ability to problem-solve, work with a sense of urgency, identify and prioritize tasks appropriately, and work independently with minimal supervision and direction.
– Ability to maintain a calm, pleasant, tactful, professional, and respectful demeanor at all times when dealing with the public, even in stressful situations.
– An empathetic, non-judgmental attitude, and experience supporting community members in crisis, and community members who may be struggling with socioeconomic challenges.
– Ability to turn people down, firmly when necessary, without becoming aggressive or unpleasant.


Educational Requirements:
High school diploma or equivalent required, BA/BS preferred.


Physical Requirements:
– Ability to walk and/or stand on your feet throughout a normal workday and tolerate loud noises.
– Ability to lift and move objects and animals weighing up to 50 pounds for short distances and to humanely restrain an animal when necessary.
– Allergic conditions that would be aggravated when handling animals may be a disqualification.


This is an exempt position. PAWS is open seven days a week. A minimum of 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, is required, with at least one weekend day worked weekly. This position is based primarily at PAWS’ Grays Ferry location, but may include occasional shifts at PAWS’ Northeast location. Daily schedule may vary according to the needs of the organization and may include weekend, night, and holiday work.


At-Will Employment:
There is no minimum period of employment guaranteed or implied by acceptance of an employment offer. It is the policy of PAWS that exempt positions are at-will, which means that employment is for no specified term and the employee or PAWS may terminate that employment at any time without cause.


Direct Supervisor:
Director of Operations


Interested? We want to hear from you! Please send us your resume and cover letter via this form.