2015 Mid-Year Update

More animals saved and served, and fewer pets entering shelters: the first half of 2015 has given Philadelphia’s animals plenty to celebrate!

From January through June, PAWS:

  • Rescued 1,401 dogs, cats, and kittens.
  • Served more than 14,000 pets at our low-cost clinics
  • Performed 5,600 spay/neuter surgeries

As the largest rescue partner of Animal Care and Control of Philadelphia (ACCT), we are committed to saving the city’s most vulnerable animals. Every time an animal leaves PAWS through foster or adoption, we visit ACCT to fill the vacant space with a new rescued pet.

Our goal: save 3,000 dogs, cats, and kittens by the end of 2015.



Wiggles, found as a stray and rescued by PAWS in May, now has a loving home. Photo by Jeannine D.


As we head into the second half of the year, we have lots more to do! Last year, August and September were PAWS’ two best months of adoptions ever; this year, we are aiming to do even better. Our Northeast Adoption Center and Clinic recently celebrated its first full year of operation and has already served thousands of the city’s neediest pets.

Of course, we cannot rescue and adopt our way out of the homeless animal crisis. Every day, beloved pets lose their homes for financial reasons and veterinary issues (the two most common reasons for surrender to ACCT). PAWS’ Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinics stem the flow of animals entering shelters and prevent unwanted litters by offering low-cost, high-volume basic veterinary care for at-risk pets. Thanks to our clinics, thousands of struggling Philadelphians now have access to basic services like spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchipping that can mean the difference between keeping and losing a cherished pet. We also perform trap-neuter-release surgeries for feral cats and extend services to other rescue organizations to help them do more of their lifesaving work.


PAWS143 (2)

Diesel the puppy with owner Nicole, who visited PAWS for low-cost vaccines. Photo by Devon John.


When PAWS opened its first Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic in 2010, the city shelter was taking in about 30,000 animals yearly; we knew that it would take several years and thousands of pets served to make a difference in these staggering numbers.

Sure enough, in 2013, ACCT saw a modest decrease in stray and surrendered dogs and cats. In 2014, intake hit an all-time low of 25,948, which contributed to a record high “save rate” of 74%. The first half of 2015 brings more promising news: ACCT has received 4% fewer dogs and cats than during the same time last year, and Philadelphia is headed for a third straight year of decreased shelter intake.



The McKenna family saved three lives by fostering a litter of PAWS kittens.


Our efforts are working and we’re closer than ever to a no-kill city, but we have a long way to go. More pets need rescuing, more need adoption and foster care, and more struggling pet owners need help affording and accessing spay/neuter and basic vet care.



Ladder Two, rescued after he was found hiding in a fire engine, adopted by Alexis and David.


Help us achieve a no-kill city:

  • Adopt your new best friend. Every adoption opens up room for PAWS to save another life.
  • Foster a litter of kittens, or an adult cat or dog. By opening your home temporarily, you can free up space in the shelter that will mean lives saved.
  • Volunteer your time in the shelter or at adoption events. Our incredible volunteers enable us to save countless additional animals each year.
  • Donate. PAWS is 100% donor-funded. We cannot help the pets who need us without your support.
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