11th Annual

June 22, 2015

The Chefs’ Dinner for PAWS is a one-of-a-kind evening of food, fun and excitement where the city’s best chefs create 3-course food and wine pairings tableside for 12 guests each.

Chefs and guests rave about their experience at each year’s event. The intimate setting and personal attention from each chef provides an insider’s view of the nation’s most prestigious kitchens.

All proceeds benefit PAWS’ lifesaving efforts.

The Chefs’ Dinner is sold out! For more information, please contact Dana Spain at dana@phillypaws.org.

Special thanks to our longest-serving chefs and restaurants, who have supported PAWS for 9 years or more: Chef Tony Clark with Viviano/Pacific Prime, Jean-Marie Lacroix with Brulee Catering, Lacroix Restaurant, Capital Grille, Chef Guillermo Pernot Cuba Libre, Davio’s, Chef Mitch Prensky with Supper, the Vetri family of restaurants, Chef Kevin Sbraga, Chef Carmen Trigueros, the Dave Magrogan group of restaurants, XIX at the Bellevue, Positano Coast, Public House/PA6, Chef Andrew Masiangelo with Savona, and Chef Kristian Leuzzi with Kristian’s/Stogie Joe’s.

Twenty chefs who support PAWS were recently honored in Philadelphia’s top 50 restaurants.

Become a sponsor and join the Chefs’ after party, from 10PM to 12AM with music by DJ Ed Tully.

2015 Participating Chefs / Restaurants (list incomplete) 

Chef Richard Hebben
Table sold 

Chef Nick Farina

Table sold 

Chef Christopher Leethe-forge-restaurant-winebar-by-shareef-malnik
Table sold

Chef Bobby Saritsoglou

Table sold

Prime StacheprimestacheTable sold 

Chef David Sanchez
Table sold 

Chef Joe Baldino

ZeppoliTable sold

Chef Mitch Prensky

Table sold

Chef Dave Walti

 Table sold

 Chef Justin Swain

logo (4)
Table sold

Chef Edgar Alvarez 

ppvTable sold

Chef David Hall

 Table sold

Chef Eileen Watkin

 Table sold

Chef Margaret Kuo

Table sold

Chefs John Piper and Brian Besaw

 Table sold

Chef Jason Cichonski


 Table sold

Chef Lee Styer

Table sold

Chef Chris Tavares

Table sold

Chef Tony Clark

Table sold 

Chefs Corey Baver and Lynn Rinaldi

Table sold

Chef Andrew Masciangelo

Table sold 

Chef Jon Cichon
Table sold


Chef Neal Mayton

Triangle.Logo.bl.web (1)Table sold

Chef Sam Noh

Table sold

Chef Tim Spinner

Table sold 

Chef Guillermo Pernot and Chef Jennifer Salhoff

Table sold

Chef Ted Manko

Table sold

Chef Regulo Reyes

Table sold

Chef Rob Sidor

final logo_colorsA_032114

 Table sold

Chefs Johnnie Reynolds and Andrew Pearce 

Table sold

Chef Kevin Sbraga

Table sold 

 Chef Townsend Wentz

Table sold 

Chef Marc Plessis
Table sold

Chef Jeff Froehler

 Table sold

Chef Mark Twersky

Table sold

 Chefs Joseph and Lisa Grande
NouVeau sunflower_Revamp_Rev. 8.14

Table sold

Chef David Murrayhawthornes logoTable sold

Chef Matthew Daggett


Table sold 

 Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix

Table sold

 Chef Carmen TriguerosgalaTable sold

Chef Scott Calhoun
Table sold

Chef Christina Martin

christinacard1 (1)
Table sold 

Chef Douglas Rodriquez

237Table sold

 Chef Martin Hamann

Martin Hamann
Table sold

Chef Peter McAndrews
monsu Table sold

Chef Ken Wallace
Table sold

Chef Joe Monnichparc000
Table sold


2015 Chef / Restaurant Sponsors (Cocktails and Dessert, list incomplete):

Chef Stuart Pellegrino


Chef Michelle Sperber


Chef Stephen Smith


Chef Amanda DiPascale



Chef Kristian Leuzzi



Chef Robert Bennett

Classic Cake


Chef Laurence Dobelle


Chef Luke Palladino





2015 Entertainment and Media Sponsors:

Jessy Kyle, singer


DJ Eddie Tully


2015 Food and Liquor Sponsors:

Devils Cut



Jim Beam





Pinnacle Cinnabon



2015 Sponsors:

Furry Friend Sponsors:

John Vavricka and Frank Conway

Affordable Housing Partners

Arthur Wolk and Boo

Ed and Lin Snider




2015 Good Dog VIP Sponsors:

McSpain-Logo color for print

rittenhouse communicationsPrint



Taylor Campitelli

Ed and Barbara Omert


2015 Good Dog Sponsors:

Decus Construction

Carolyn Saligman, Ph.D.

Peterson Insurance

Jared Kerr

Robert Orsher, VMD



 Constance and Alan Buerger





Neiman Marcus Logo




For sponsorship information or to purchase tickets or tables, please contact Dana Spain at dana@phillypaws.org or 877-254-1982 ext. 3.

Food and liquor donations are tax deductible for restaurants and purveyors. For chef, restaurant or liquor participation, contact Nichole Maurer at nichole@phillypaws.org.

See highlights from last year’s dinner:


9/15/14: Our sincere thanks to everyone who attended, sponsored, and participated in the 10th Annual Chefs’ Dinner for PAWS! On behalf of the animals, thank you to all of the chefs, purveyors, and designers who donated their time, talent, and delicious food and wine to create such a memorable evening.

View pictures from the event by Susan Scovill and HughE Dillon.

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